By David Forrester


January 6, 2009

The concept of building online educational communities is a rapidly evolving one. These emerging and new communities are taking on forms like user groups and blogs. I have a strong belief in using technology to build relationships and connect people together. I have to admit I was not too excited about blogging when I first become an Adobe Education Leader. I would rather be using Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional to connect with people and exchange ideas. However, I have turned a new leaf and have started to enjoy the experience of blogging and contributing to my educational community. In the spirit of promoting what I believe, I would like to make everyone aware of another Adobe Education Blog organized by a band of experienced Adobe Systems Professionals. I believe they have been featured in the past on this blog site, however, we have just added to our Adobe Education Leadership program with our Higher Education AEL’s and this site is always available to all K-12 and Higher Education Educators. I have provided a link below to their site and you may want to bookmark it for the future to find new and innovative ways to use technology to help improve our educational system.

Adobe Education Technologies Blog Site

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