By Lee Keller


February 5, 2009

A little over 48 hours ago I released our first online Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional course on our district’s Blackboard system. I was curious to see what the response would be. In December we offered two stand-and-deliver (SAD) format courses and both filled up within 15 minutes of being released on our district system. With an overbook capacity of 24 participants planning on filling the room we thought we would be training a lot of educators, both administrators and teachers, on the benefits of Connect Pro.

Kim Cavanaugh and I account for almost all the training on Connect Pro in our district. With classes that filled up so quickly we were excited to have a room full of anxious participants. We had received numerous emails from disappointed colleagues that did not get registered in time. As it turned out, Kim and I were also disappointed. Many had signed up for the seats in the class, but less than 50% showed up for either session.
It was obvious that the SAD method was not going to be effective and with gas prices on the rise at that time we were not sure we would want to offer the class again where participants had to travel. I started creating the online class right away. After a few hundred hours of work I finished the course on our Blackboard system and released it.
Within 24 hours more than 30 participants had signed up. I scrambled to establish their Connect account and give them hosting access. I set a cap on participants at 300 and already had 10% of that capacity. By the end of 48 hours I was just under 60 with 57 partcipants.
Only a few have started their work on the course. It will be interesting to see if we can reach more teachers through an online course and what percentage complete the program. If the initial response is any indication, I’d say the educators want Connect Pro.


  • By Chana Messer - 1:00 PM on February 6, 2009  

    I actually love the idea of connect with students. I teach in UCLA and we use the blackboard. But as an exercise we use the Screen Share feature and students started to get into the idea of connect.