By Eva LaMar


June 10, 2009

Wow- Adobe Labs keeps coming up with new tools that free education to focus on the CONTENT of learning, not the tools and limitations of shared resources. With just five minutes of playing with Presentations in the Adobe Labs I could see numerous classroom applications.
I work in a high-poverty school that shares just a few technology resources among a large list of classrooms. The Presentations tool has many of the same attributes of Buzzword in that I can have students collaboratively work on a project. With just one laptop or computer in the classroom or if I have the entire set of laptops from our cart, students can focus on the content of the presentation. We don’t have to worry about WHERE the original file is saved, which laptop it was saved to, or trying to access a server that the updated files might or might not have been saved to.
Adobe has just helped the collaboration process- this tool is easy enough to use that with just some basic training students can start the creation process.

Process is the key word to our modern world. Students must learn how to communicate through a collaborative environment. This is a natural for the editing process- something many students and adults alike have problems truly understanding. With Adobe’s Presentation tool and Buzzword, the process can bridge time and distance. Now students can collaboratively edit work with students or others across the country or world.
I see the Presentation tool as more than just for presentations in the “Powerpoint” or “Power-Pointless” world. We often use Apple’s Keynote or Microsoft’s PowerPoint to help students STRUCTURE a larger project. It is a natural tool for following Marzano’s research on summarizing, note taking, and using visual organizers in effective learning environments. Once Adobe’s Presentation Web 2.0 tool allows for graphs and graphic organizers we can show how Presentation is a natural fit for Robert Marzano’s research of effective instructional strategies. WOW!
I will add some more entries showing how Presentation and Buzzword work with Robert Marzano’s education research!