By Dave Forrester


November 22, 2009

I remember vividly now. I was preparing for my K12 Connect Pro User Group Meeting. I was excited because I dialed in my content for the meeting. I had three computer screens filled with multiple Connect Pro Meetings. I was ready to dazzle my audience with the Acrobat Connect Pro Software Architecture, File Sharing Pods, Polling Pods, and Shared Content. I began to chat with someone online with me before the meeting. We both realized he was over on the next saltwater inlet over from where I lived. I thought what a small world I live in with some many people. I looked up and notice the wind was really blowing, the water was churning with white caps on the water in front of me. I thought to myself. It would be a real bummer if I was online with all of these people, being the leader of the group and would lose power. I made a joke with my new friend, “well if I disappear from the face of the earth inside Connect Pro it is because I lost power.” He joked back with me. The time approached and I realized I had more people in my session than ever before. I reached out to my friend at Adobe who is a Connect Pro expert and invited him to jump into my session as backup through an email. I saw someone from NASA even join my session. I began my session. I had a great flow going with my audience. I was having a blast and the wind kept pounding through the trees in front of me. Then it happened, a large tree went down in my neighbor and zap, the power was gone. I had a UPS, but my internet connection was toasted. I ran down to my garage and pulled out my generator. I thought if I was back within five minutes maybe people would not notice I was gone, you think of real dumb stuff in the middle of a crisis. I fired up my generator, switched over my switch box and I was back online with power. I ran upstairs, tried to fire up my computer. The computer can back online, but my internet connection was still toasted. I decided to blog about my experience to turn a “Lemon” into “Lemonade.” I have realized now that anytime I am doing a large event, I need to have backup. I would encourage everyone to have someone who can second as “Host” in your Connect Pro Meeting Room. The person should be in another state or region if you think a natural disaster may occur during your session. If I had planned it right, my friend Bruce would have joined my session. I could have promoted him as “Host” before the session began, then when I lost power, he would have notice I was gone and would step right in and continue the meeting. The trick to this strategy is that I would have had someone in a different geographic location where a power outage would not influence the outcome of the session. You live and learn, giving me another great Connect Pro war story to my collection.
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  • By Bracslaw6987 - 12:19 AM on December 2, 2011  

    An amazing article, but I beg to differ on a few points. Nothing is that simple in life anymore and I still believe it is not realistic! I think I would be more open to changing my mind if you provided more facts and detail.