By Dave Forrester


February 10, 2010

The project with one of my math teachers at Olympia High School is going very well. At the beginning of the school year, I helped him learn how to use a Connect Pro Meeting Room from our hosted school district Connect Pro Account. I helped him set up a simple “Meeting Room” he could open each morning when he decides he wants to make a recording of his math lectures in front of his students. He just needs to open up the “Meeting Room” each morning before teaching his class and launch the software that integrates with his Smart Board. The Smart Board comes with software that displays the Smart Board image on his desktop. I can imagine other educators using peripheral technologies like a Wacom Tablet to be able to pull of the same result of recording a screen share of a computer desktop displaying a run through of a math problem. I provided him with an extension cord for his USB Headset so he could walk around with ease in front of his students. Basically, he opens a “Meeting Room,” begins a screen share and recording of his desktop, then guides the students through math problems while talking into his USB headset, and then posts the URL attached to the recording of the math lecture to the school website. The strength of using Adobe Acrobat Connect Profession is the ability to do a synchronous recording of the math lecture. Once the math lecture is over, there is no need to spend another thirty minutes uploading a media file to a server. The recording is ready for viewing on the web at the very moment the teacher stops speaking to the students. This technology tool could not be any more efficient and effective for a teacher to use in the classroom. The students really appreciate having the option to go to the school’s website and review any lecture that was posted by the teacher.
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