By Dave Forrester


March 9, 2010

Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional is not your typical, boring web conferencing environment. One can throw a web conference party, bringing a disco ball and music into the room to celebrate a goal that a school district team has achieved together. The Acrobat Connect Pro Exchange has both free and cost friendly Connect Pro components, basically SWF and XML files that can be uploaded to your Connect Pro Hosted Account. These little extras can perform many exciting effects inside a standard Share Pod. The long list includes: “Talking Stick,” allowing someone to support multiple, high-quality, video streams in Adobe Connect Pro, “Connect Pro MP3 Player,” allowing for an individual Connect Pro user to stream music into their room, “Digital Timer,” keeping people honest in the room who like to ramble, “Connect Pro-shambo,” playing rock, paper, scissors if a difficult decision needs to be made between friends, “Connect Pro Clock,” showing everyone in the room their current time, regardless of the time zone, and “Footprints,” showing Connect Pro users a Carbon Savings Calculator which helps to preserve mother earth. The list is long and exciting, at the same time, one can go even further into the depths of becoming a Connect Pro Evangelist/Rock Star by accessing a pay site like, Flash One can purchase cheap, but stylish SWF files that can bring up the cool factor in the Connect Pro Meeting Room. So, instead of putting some “Bling” on for your next web conference meeting, well, try on some “Flash.”