By Lee Keller


March 23, 2010

I get a lot of requests for Face to Face training, often in situations where we already have an online course. Sometimes it is because a department or school wants it fast and all at once, but most often it is because of a comfort level they get having someone to answer their questions as they think of them. This is all well and good, but in today’s economy our district is pushing more and more to have training online. Most courses are asynchronous, taking away that personal contact that you get in the face to face classroom.
So, I am running an experiment the next couple months. I am meeting with my participants face to face, but online. The course will be training the use of Adobe Connect Professional. All delivery will be done using Adobe Connect Professional. This will immerse the participants in the product they are learning and remove the need for travel for both the participants and the instructor. My curiosity is whether online face to face will meet that personal need of participants that typically want to be in the same room as the instructor.
Let me know what feedback you have from participants on face to face versus online versus blended versus asynchronous training and professional development programs. I will add comments to this posting in late May after I get feedback from my participants.


  • By Lee Keller - 11:35 AM on June 2, 2010  

    I just wanted to leave a follow up on the face-to-face online concept on which I delivered a course on Adobe Connect Professional. The course ran exceedingly well. I had participants that were somewhat tech shy and participants that were somewhat tech savvy. All had great experiences and felt like they were in a regular classroom.
    Perhaps the best experience I had was sitting in on an exercise that my participants had to complete. Each had to create a room and use it as part of their regular job processes. One of our IB Chemistry teachers did an afterschool review with her class for almost an hour and a half. She was extremely well prepared, showing pages of review material and discussing it with her students online. Many students elected to use microphones instead of chat, but all participated in the review.
    Connect is definitely a great tool in the K-12 environment from the classroom to administration. Teaching how to use Connect was quite easy through the Connect interface. I’m sure I could teach almost anything through Adobe Connect Professional and distance is no longer a problem.