By Dave Forrester


April 25, 2010

A handy tool within the Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional meeting environment is using the “Presenter Only Area.” The red arrow points to the button that turns the “Presenter Only Area” on. Once the “Presenter Only Area” is initiated, a large gray area will frame out the main presentation area. The gray area is found at the bottom and right hand side of the screen and is out of view of the participants. The picture included in this blog shows several meeting elements: clock, simple poll, presenter chat, and timer. The “Meeting Host” can drag each one of these meeting elements over into the main viewing area when needed. The participants will experience these elements appearing out of thin air, like a bit of magic. I like to create a “Presenter Chat” when I am co-presenting with someone. We can have a side-bar conversation without participants knowing, helping keep proper flow and pacing during a presentation. We can alert each other to make the next point, slow down or speed up without talking over each other. Also, I like to stage my presentation material in the “Presenter Only Area” and then drag it over when needed, making an efficient way to use space and time when making important points. I would encourage everyone to turn on the “Presenter Only Area,” and perform a little Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional magic with everyone in the room.