By Dave Forrester


June 10, 2010

Adobe Connect User Community
I would like to invite any K12 educator and/or any Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional enthusiast to The Connect Pro K12 User Group. We try to meet once a month to learn about how to use Adobe Connect Pro to: build a help desk system, host online meetings with telephone integration and recording capabilities, conduct long-distance interviewing for new positions for the district office or school buildings, build online professional development programs, develop online trainings, construct a framework for live recordings of teacher lectures posted to the web for students who are sick or need extra help, create a digital newsletter, design a web presentation, develop software trainings and simulations, collaboration and sharing of expertise beyond school district boundaries. The possibilities are endless when using the Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional toolset. Please come join us online once a month to create some space together for building partnerships, collaboration and learning.


  • By Carolyn McCarthy - 1:42 AM on June 22, 2010  

    Hi Dave! Yes, I’d like to join you.