By Dave Forrester


October 24, 2010

Our Special Education Department has been trying to solve a communication challenge with the school counselors in our building.  The process of building a unique schedule for each new student coming into our high school.  The school counselors are responsible for building the schedule, plus making sure each student is being placed in the correct classes for graduation.  The building of this draft schedule involves case managers, school psychologists, and school counselors.  I decided to build a communication device in Adobe LiveCycle, a PDF form (draft schedule form)  so each party could fill in their piece of a student’s schedule using a electronic process.   The goal is to move away from random sticky notes, and pieces of paper and emails from case managers and school psychologist to a digital way to collect, transfer and store information on a student’s drafted schedule.  The reason why I use LiveCycle sometimes to build a PDF form is because I like the look and feel of the application.   It feels like I am in Adobe InDesign CS5 and/or Adobe Illustrator CS5 as I am designing the PDF form.  I have built many forms using Adobe Acrobat, but sometimes I like to work in a fluid environment like Adobe LiveCycle.  At the same time, I discovered I could “Copy” and  “Paste” fields in a productive way.  Adobe LiveCycle would create a unique field name for me, even if I was cloning the same “Text Field” over and over again.  I think this is totally awesome!  In the past, I would have needed to go back and created unique names for each field, taking a great amount of time to complete a project.  Also, I discovered “Tab Order.”  I loved the ability to create all of my fields and then have Adobe LiveCycle re-order my fields automatically in sequential order for easy tabbing through a PDF document.  I would recommend Adobe LiveCycle ES2 the next time you create a PDF form.  I am having a great time learning and using this powerful and productive application.  Thanks again Adobe for creating such useful software for K12/Higher Education!

Dave Forrester, Adobe Education Leader