By Dave Forrester


November 6, 2010

Adobe has a new all-in-one content creation and publishing tool parked in a cloud.  Project ROME is revolutionary and a true paradigm shift for content creation and publishing applications.   ROME can be run as an Adobe Air application or accessed directly from a light-weight internet cloud (browser-based web application).  The application is light-weight, but incredibility rich and diverse as a creation tool.  Adobe has extracted some of the best tools from various Adobe applications like Flash, Premiere, InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator and suspended them into a one-stop creative experience for the end-user.  Join the new and growing cultural revolution for creative educators!   Project ROME can be run from a simple Netbook laptop to a high performance desktop computer, the choice is yours.  Project ROME is available through Adobe Labs probably for a limited time.  I would encourage all educators to sign-in and reach for the stars, pushing the boundaries of the creative process.

Project ROME for Education – (For educator evaluation only)

Project Rome For Education Pilot Program – Institutions interested in a pilot, apply today

Project ROME –

Dave Forrester

Adobe Education Leader


  • By George - 11:04 PM on November 8, 2010  

    Stunning…exciting….wow… Adobe you are right on the money with this project. Excellent UI for tablet based creative’s…will we see an export to html5?? great stuff

  • By Chris Betcher - 7:25 AM on November 22, 2010  

    I agree with you Dave. After hearing a lot about Rome I installed it locally the other day and had a play… all I can say is, wow, super impressive work from the Adobe team! In a k-12 school situation (well, probably more a 4-12 really) it has huge potential for digital content creation. It’s so nice to see such a simple, powerful tool that not only runs locally but also runs in the cloud as well, that meets so many of the digital contant creation needs of the education sector. I really like it.

    As always, the best way to get your head around a new tool is to actually MAKE something with it so I knocked out a quick website for someone for whom I’d been promising to make one for a while now. Really professional looking result, and with a minimum of work from me. Gotta love that.

    My only thought now is that I hope Adobe get the pricing model right for schools! This software should be available as a sort of standard issue in schools, so long as they don’t price it out of reach of the often cash-strapped schools that will want to use it.

    • By Dave Forrester - 5:35 PM on November 23, 2010  

      I agree pricing is extremely important. I hope Adobe hits the target with this one!