By Dave Forrester


January 6, 2011

One of my friends at Adobe showed me this cool idea on how you can create an Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional bookmark.  The bookmark can be used in your Connect Pro Meeting Room.  It is very simple to create by using Microsoft Powerpoint.  Basically, you create a set of Powerpoint slides with a set of embedded links to different resources you want available on the bookmark.  The trick is to create a thin slide layout, maybe 200 pixels wide to create the illusion of a bookmark once it is loaded from the Content Library.  Once you have created the thin Powerpoint slides, then you basically load the bookmark from your Content Library into your Connect Pro Meeting Room.  Have fun!

Bookmark Example: URL for Viewing:

Dave Forrester, Adobe Education Leader


  • By Rosemary Lengsas - 2:13 PM on July 26, 2011  

    Although I don’t use Connect, I do have Adobe presenter. I never really thought about resizing my PowerPoint slides to create different sized presentations. Duh! It’s a great idea!