By loricullen


October 17, 2011

A student and I are working together on making my teacher site user friendly for a smart phone, tablet and desktop screen. We have been using Dreamweaver CS5 to accomplish this mission and the Media Query option.  Everything is working out ok (so far) except….The java script code from the mobile site is interfering with the ability to move to a different page on the desktop and tablet site.  We are using the mobile site  and javascript that Dreamweaver developed.  We are using images for the links. For example, when setting up on the desktop/tablet site <a href=”index.html” target=”_self” > the image will not work as a link at all (it acts as a regular image.) If we do not include a target is also does not work .  When we include “target=”_blank” the images do act as links but then go ahead and open up each internal link in a new window which clearly we do not want.  So in summary, the image links on the desktop/tablet file will not work unless we have target=”_blank” which then opens each link a new window (not what we want when they are internal links.)  Any solutions to this problem.  We did try changing the images to text and that did not work either (same issue.)  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Lori Cullen 🙂