By Han Raphael


September 26, 2012

I am Chua Soo Han from Malaysia. I am currently a Multimedia lecturer in IACT College and I also teach part-time at Teras One Solution, an Adobe Authorized Training Center. Since joining the college I have been introduced to Project-based Learning; in short, PBL.

What we try to do here, is to get students involved in projects/assignments with real clients. I find this method interesting as it allows students to have hands-on experience with clients; understanding client needs and requirements; in turn help them to understand what they need to learn and research and thus prepare them to face the future with the industry (industry-ready) after they graduate.  I would like to share some examples on how it has turned out and how the adobe tools were essential in making it happen.

Project 1: Public Health Day
Client: Eulogia Community Center
What was done: Design a flyer for distribution and a banner and poster to be put up around the vicinity of the center.

The criteria for this project were to come up with a practical design that not only looks good, but also able to catch the attention of passersby in a short amount in time because the banner would be placed by the roadside in a residential area, beside many other signboards.  So it was very critical that important information such as the venue and date be seen by drivers and retained in a short amount of time.

Client Feedback:
I am so glad to have had the opportunity to work with IACT students,

Found them not only fun and joyful students, their creativity on the project can match corporate standards, even though they are only broadcasting students!


Looking forward to seeing them unleash their potential again next semester.

Pr. Perry

General Secretary of

Eulogia Community Center




Project 2: Brand Book
Client: City Square Shooting Gallery
What was done: Come up with a brand book that has a new logo designed for the company as well as a T-shirt design.

City Square Shooting Gallery had been operating for long time and it’s time they changed t heir logo and branding to suit the modern era. What they were looking for was a logo that could represent their company and match with their business principles.


Client Feedback
Working with the students has been a pleasure and a welcome change. Some of the ideas and designs submitted were eye-opening and refreshing. We look forward to seeing what more they can come up with as they advance further into the course. Always good to see how young minds work and perform as they bring different perspectives to the table.

Kelvin Lee
City Square Shooting Gallery



Project 3: iPad and iPhone Cover Design
Client: iGlossary
What was done: To design a cover for the iPhone and iPad that looks good and has potential marketing value.

Students were given the task to design and create an iPhone and iPad cover that was marketable to the target audience of the students’ choice.  They had to keep in mind the materials that are used to create the product as well as the mix and match of color. Research was required to find out what is the latest trend in the market today and why.

Client Feedback
Students were creative and passionate but still lacked the design knowledge; which was why they were encouraged to rely on library resources more in order to gain knowledge on design theory. Many potential students could be seen during the critique session and I personally think IACT can encourage these students to take part in various competitions. Students construct their own motivation based on their appraisal of the learning and assessment contexts. These influence the goals that students set as well as their commitment to these goals. Thus, it helps their motivational beliefs and self-esteem if they take part in competitions. It influences how students feel about themselves and affects what and how they learn. Overall, I had a good experience during the visit to IACT, interacting with the students.

Raymann Kuan,
Founder of iGlossary




– All projects were accomplished using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. It is not enough to just teach software skills to the students, but we must also show students their practical uses. The feedbacks by the clients (who also use Adobe products in their line of work) during the critique sessions have provided invaluable input to the students to better prepare them for what awaits them once they step into the real world.

– ALL students were only in their first semester. I believe that by the time they graduate they will be well equipped for the industry.