By loricullen


January 24, 2013

I am creating files in InDesign to be published to the iPad (teaching a class on it, iPad Publishing.) Everything has been working great and I have been really impressed with the students works.  All the dynamic components really add to the file- like hyperlinks, audio, video, pan & zoom, panorama…. BUT the one dynamic content piece I can not get to work are buttons! I can hyperlink and link buttons to go to URL’s but I can not get them to work when linking to another file within the same folio.  I have tried all the different options in the Buttons and Forms panels but nothing works (for example: Go to Destination, Go to State…) I am also previewing the file at the top level of the folio and even when the file is published to Adobe Viewer it is still not working. Does anyone know of an update or technique that I am missing to link to other files within the same folio?


  • By DPS - 9:59 PM on January 24, 2013  

    Are you linking to article NAME (not title) with navto:// (not http://)?

    “Create links to other articles

    Folio articles are stored on a server, so any link that specifies a path to an InDesign file is broken when previewed. Use the “navto” format to link to other articles.

    When creating either a button or hyperlink, you can replace “http://” with “navto://” in the URL field. Then specify the target article name as it appears in the Folio Builder panel. Use the Article Name value, not the article’s Title value. Valid navto formats include navto://[articlename] and navto://[articlename]#n. Adding #n specifies a page number. The first page of a document is 0, so specifying #2 jumps to page 3.”

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