By srinros


January 10, 2013

You have to see video clip for support this tutorials

When viewing the video tutorial on the makeup, you will see that making slimmer face requires many makeup items. It is a complex process. The next step in helping to make slimmer face is to start using Photoshop.

1. Open the image file that you want to edit.




2. After opening the image file, before starting image editing, duplicate the Layer in order to copy the picture.

2         3


3. Delete the original file, to prevent confusion by dragging picture to the trash.



4. Then adjust the size of the face by selecting the Filter menu and select the menu Liquify.



5. You can select the size of the brush head for easy operation.



6. Use the brush head to adjust the size of the face, and as you gradually adjust, you must verify that the size of face looks appropriate. When finished, click OK.



7. When the two images are compared, you will see the difference.





Thank you: Get it beauty SELF and Youtube