By Dave Forrester


February 11, 2014



My son is eleven years old.  I have had this outdated Wacom Tablet for years.  I was very excited to give him this cutting edge technology to my son.  I have been teaching him Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for the past couple of years.  The thought of teaching him the “Pen Tool” in Illustrator with a Wacom Tablet to an eleven year old was like having someone take an AP Computer Graphic Design Class.  I sat him down one evening with true excitement, putting the stylus in his small hand, opening Adobe Illustrator with a blank document.  Then, my son speaks, “Dad, I would rather use your IPad.  I like using my finger with Adobe Ideas.”  I think kids remind us of what the world means to them.  My son would rather draw a dragon with his finger, then use a fancy stylus and tablet.  I think Adobe is on the right path when it comes to creating simple applications that use the human finger to create art.  My son now reminds me of this everyday as he creates his own worlds of wonder with his finger and imagination.

Dave Forrester

Adobe Education Leader