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November 2, 2009

Acrobat ConnectPro User Community – Join Now!

Acrobat ConnectPro User Community is a great community site which is free and a place where you’ll find a wealth of resources that will help you learn the technology and connect with others who are passionate about the Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional Suite. The site is broken down in five main sections: Community, News, Events, Learning Center, and Forums. The Community section offers User Group management, connecting you to others in your geographic or industry, a Member Directory, Community Gallery where you’ll find Adobe Presenter Presentations, recorded Connect Pro meetings, Partner Showcase, and Spread the Word. The News section offers the ability to Subscribe to the News RSS Feed to any News and/or Blogs that are happening within the community. The Events section alerts anyone to upcoming Meetings, Seminars, and lists an archive of past records of key meetings and presentations. In addition, the Learning Center contains tutorials, topic of the month, Connect Pro Extensions, and Additional Resources. Finally, the Forum section allows for the ability to community members to post important information, announcements and events. I started Connect Fridays for the Adobe Education Leadership Program and now have moved over to manage a monthly ConnectPro User Group meeting for K-12. Please join me every third Thursday of each month, 11:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time to learn about the ConnectPro suite. Everyone is invited! Meeting URL:
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October 19, 2009

Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro and Telephone Integration

Headsets, Chat, VoIP, Internal Microphones, Webcam Microphones, and External Phone Calls are the most popular ways in which people use to communicate inside Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro. For individuals with a hosted Connect Pro account or for the fortunate ones who have their own Connect Pro Server Cluster, telephone integration with Connect Pro is the way to go. Go ahead and put the headsets away and contact a company like MeetingOne: and get your Adobe Connect Pro Meeting Room configured to call your educator’s cell phone or office phone automatically. Yes, the Connect Pro Meeting Room will call you and get you right into the meeting room with up to 50 other individuals. Just contact MeetingOne and set-up the “Conference Room Number” and “Host Access Code,” then login into your Adobe Connect Pro account and go to “My Profile” and then “Edit My Preferences” save the information, open up your room, and turn on the internal telephone bridge and start talking and sharing in real time. It even gets better, the telephone integration works with the recording feature inside Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional. Anyone can now turn on the recording while talking on the phone and retrieve the audio and presentation from the Meeting Room. In addition, I watched the keynote from Adobe MAX 2009 and saw in amazement how cell phones will be able to host a Connect Pro Meeting. So basically, you can be inside your car, looking at the ocean, open up a Connect Pro Meeting Room on your cell phone and have the meeting room call the cell phone sitting in your hand, what is Adobe going to think of next?
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October 6, 2009

Low Cost, Green Technology, High Organizational Impact – Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro

Ancient civilizations used Adobe to build houses which led to the building of communities. The low cost of using mud and straw to build infrastructure was accessible to the masses. Today, modern educators are using Adobe to build educational communities and web infrastructure for the future. The mud and straw has been replaced with air, clouds, and Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro. The low cost of a Hosted Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro account will make a tremendous impact and improvement on any school district. The technology delivered from Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro can bring in new tools and services to a school organization. One low cost Hosted Acrobat Connect Pro account resource can be spread across a school district to: build a help desk system, allow for online meetings with telephone integration and recording capabilities, long-distance interviewing for new positions for the district office or school buildings, online professional development, online training, live recordings of teacher lectures posted to the web for students who are sick or need extra help, digital newsletter, web presentations, software trainings and simulations, collaboration and sharing of expertise beyond school district boundaries. I would encourage every educator to use Adobe to build a new place for learning, growing, and help students strive for excellence. Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro is the modern building block, so roll up your sleeves, reach for the sky, and start building a new educational community for the future.
Adobe Connect Pro Resource Map
Online AP Calculus Lectures – Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro/Smart Board Integration
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June 7, 2009

Connect Pro and SMART Board Integration

One of the challenges I tried to overcome for the past couple of years was how to help a math teacher use Adobe Connect Pro. The white board inside Adobe Connect Pro is not designed for a math teacher’s extensive use of a mouse and the amount of time they spend drawing out equations would make any math teacher’s hand ache. They would prefer using a dry-erase marker. At the same time, most of the students won’t be sitting in front of a computer to watch a math teacher draw out the equations. On the other hand, I tried document cameras, web cams, and HD Camcorder’s plugged into a Connect Pro Meeting Room’s Camera and Video Pod with a FireWire connection. The big challenge here is frame rate. The hand motions always look blurred and lagged behind a person’s voice. The solution is to integrate SMART Board technology with a Connect Pro Meeting Room. Basically, a math teacher uses a SMART Board to draw out equations just like if they were using a white board with dry-erase markers. It is a simple set-up and integration with Adobe Acrobat Connect because all a math teacher needs to do is open up a Connect Pro Meeting Room and begin a ‘Screen Share’ and ‘Recording’ of their desktop. The image which is being displayed on the desktop is of the SMART Board, so every hand motion is in synch with the voice and it looks seamless and transparent to the students. They are just watching their math teacher draw out equations on the board just like any other day in the classroom, however, a recording of every move and teacher’s voice is being made possible by Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro in the background. And students who had trouble on particular day and/or where just plain sick can now watch the recording of the lesson from home as many times as they would like through a simple hyperlink found on the teacher’s website. The teacher could also be sick the next day and could make a recording of their lesson from home and give it to the sub for the day and not even come into work, just kidding!
Example of Connect Pro and a SMART Board
Adobe Connect Pro
Smart Boards
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June 2, 2009

A Software Vendor Is Coming To Your School To Give A Presentation

The Decision Makers Can’t All Make It – What Can You Do?
A simple solution, use Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional to set-up a
Meeting Room to capture a vendor’s audio and presentation. These presentations
are traditionally done with a computer, screen and projector. Basically, the set-up
of an Adobe Connect Pro Meeting Room does not influence this traditional presentation
set-up for the vendor. The Meeting Room is used to capture a screen share of the desktop
of the vendor. All one has to do is start sharing the vendor’s screen in the room and start
the audio capture and recording. Some potential issues are getting permission from the
vendor to record the session, I would suggest letting the vendor know a long way
in advance the recording will be only used for internal school district use.
Another issue is how to get the questions from the presenter into the recording?
I would just ask the vendor to repeat the questions back into the microphone or headset
so the questions and answers make it back on the recording.
Once the vendor’s presentation is complete, all you have to do
is email the rest of the team who could not make it with the link to the recording so they can
watch the vendor’s presentation at their own timing. The hope is with Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional and the rest of the team to make a smart decision on the purchase
of the new software on the re-review of the the presentation from the vendor.
This creates a larger opportunity for a group process even though one person
may have been only present at the vendor’s original presentation.
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May 21, 2009

Captivate vs. Presenter – Everyone Can Win With Both Of These Powerful Adobe Products

I remember when I discovered Adobe Presenter. I thought it was the coolest product just like when I discovered Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Flash years ago. I still think it’s becoming the Harry Potter of the software world. The ability to take a Powerpoint presentation and voice over it with a simple microphone or headset and then publish it to a website or Connect Pro Server was a ground breaking moment for me. And then knowing people can access me and the information I had presented on twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week pushed my ability to communicate with others in a non-linear, futuristic way. At the same time, Adobe Captivate became a new curiosity for me. I did not understand the differences between the two products until a few months ago. I have provided a detailed description about the differences between the two products in a link I have included at the end of this blog post. Basically, one should use Adobe Presenter for ‘informational presentations’ where no software training and/or interactivity is being used. One can use Adobe Captivate for trainings which require ‘highly interactive or branched scenarios’. I believe the ability to use branched scenarios within Adobe Captivate to be extremely powerful for the end user. The ability to survey and/or quiz individuals, then lead them down different learning pathways to be truly remarkable in such a simple, but robust product. I would invite everyone to check on my links and examples of products produced by both software applications. Enjoy!
Captivate Example
Captivate vs. Presenter pdf
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May 3, 2009

The Why Try Organization – Helping Challenged Youth Find Success

School Counselors are charged with developing programs in three main domains for students. These three main domains are academic, college/career, and personal/social. I would like to bring everyone’s attention to The Why Try Organization. They are leaders in bringing systemic and sustainable student motivational programs into schools to address dropout prevention, violence prevention, drug and alcohol prevention, truancy reduction, and increase academic success for all students. The WhyTry Program is simple, hands-on and a visual curriculum which helps youth overcome and proves their resiliency. Christian Moore, M.S.W is the founder of the program, growing up in Washington, D.C. area within a family of twelve children. By an early age, Christian had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, conduct disorder, and severe learning disabilities. Today, Christian speaks at a large number of conferences and events each year inspiring educators and students to make their lives better. The School Counselors use this program at my high school and we have seen dramatic results with helping our students in difficult situations. So check out their website and resources!
The Why Try Organization
Christian Moore, Founder of the Why Try Organization
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April 20, 2009

Can You Save a Recording from Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro to Your Local Computer?

The answer is yes! There is urban legend out there about hosted Connect Pro accounts and recordings. Individuals who have hosted Connect Pro accounts may think they can’t make a copy of their work through the use of recordings. However, they definitely can by going to “Recordings” on their hosted Connect Pro account and bring the FLV (Video File) across to their local machine using the “Make Offline” button. Once the FLV file is across to the local computer, the end user can do some cool applications with the video file in the real world. They can download the free Adobe Media Player off Adobe’s website and add the videos to their personal video favorites. Students can download the free media player and the video files can be streamed over a local network to them. At the same time, the FLV video files can be embedded into Acrobat by using Adobe Acrobat 9 and viewed with Adobe Acrobat 9 Reader. This blog post includes a brief ten minute webinar on the process and cool ways to apply the Connect Pro Recording technology to your world. So check it out, you can make a copy of yourself in your time zone, and then distribute yourself one hundred fold in multiple time zones and time periods by using your new technology resource found with Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional.
Short Webinar on Connect Pro Recordings
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