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February 20, 2009

Online Professional Development Resources

Adobe took the time and listened to a few Adobe Education Leaders, Adobe Connect Pro Product Experts, and other points-of-view and developed a resource center dedicated to the building and support of Online Professional Development using the Acrobat Family of advanced software tools. The Resource Center uses excellent visuals and work flow strategies to develop and deploy a variety of scalable professional development models, which can be distributed over the web. Whether you need to create and distribute on-demand professional development content, deliver live professional development sessions, or deliver a hybrid of both models, you’ll find great help and resources within this area on Adobe’s website.

Professional Development Resources Link

Professional Development Models
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February 16, 2009

Want to be a Connect Pro Superhero?

The million dollar question: How do I get audio from a multi-person phone conference into a Connect Pro Meeting Room? Well, I can make you the Connect Pro Superhero! The parts you need for the solution is a JK Audio – THAT-2 for around two hundred dollars, Computer, Connect Pro Meeting Room, Phone, Phone Conference Bridge, and RCA mini jack plug. The RCA mini jack plugs from the THAT-2 device into the microphone jack into a computer. The person who sets up the phone conference should be the person who opens up the Connect Pro Meeting room as the Host. First, the Host of the meeting should make the call and open up the phone conference. Second, the Host of the meeting can run themselves through the Audio Set-up Wizard to make sure the Connect Room is listening for the audio coming from the THAT-2 device. Next, the Host of the meeting can push the “Hands-free” button inside the Connect Pro Meeting room to start the stream of audio from the phone. I would make sure as the Host not to promote anyone, keep everyone in the room as a Participant because people who are promoted to Presenter or Host could also push the “Hands-free” button and mess up the audio set-up. If you must promote someone higher than a participant, make sure you tell them not to push any buttons! One last piece to your Superhero success, don’t forget to push the record button when you start the meeting.

JK Audio – THAT-2

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January 6, 2009

Adobe Education Technologies Blog Site

The concept of building online educational communities is a rapidly evolving one. These emerging and new communities are taking on forms like user groups and blogs. I have a strong belief in using technology to build relationships and connect people together. I have to admit I was not too excited about blogging when I first become an Adobe Education Leader. I would rather be using Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional to connect with people and exchange ideas. However, I have turned a new leaf and have started to enjoy the experience of blogging and contributing to my educational community. In the spirit of promoting what I believe, I would like to make everyone aware of another Adobe Education Blog organized by a band of experienced Adobe Systems Professionals. I believe they have been featured in the past on this blog site, however, we have just added to our Adobe Education Leadership program with our Higher Education AEL’s and this site is always available to all K-12 and Higher Education Educators. I have provided a link below to their site and you may want to bookmark it for the future to find new and innovative ways to use technology to help improve our educational system.

Adobe Education Technologies Blog Site

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November 30, 2008

Online Comprehensive School Guidance Program

The American School Counselor Association’s National Model includes a Delivery
System. The Delivery System includes four components of a Guidance Curriculum,
Individual Student Planning, Responsive Services, and System Support. I would like all
School Counselors to become aware of a company called Envictus. Envictus is dedicated
toward the goal of helping all students become College and Career Ready. They are
innovative and leaders in the development of online guidance programs. The latest web-based
guidance curriculum in development is called Navigation101, which can help
counselors and schools build a successful school guidance program. Navigation101
works in concert with key “offline” components such as advisory, portfolios, student-led
conferences, student-driven scheduling, and using data.
For Counselors & Schools
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November 16, 2008

Using Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro to Create Professional Staff Development Workshops

I have been using Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro for the past couple of years and have discovered four professional staff development workshop models which anyone can create and deploy. The models are from beginner to advanced. A person just needs Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro and/or Presenter 7, a Powerpoint, a simple VoIP headset and/or microphone and an audience. I have provided everyone with a link to four Powerpoint slides that will visually describe the set-up and resources needed to create and deploy these types of workshops.
Staff Development Workshop Models
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October 5, 2008

Technology tool helps counselors publish professional web presentations

School counseling teams face similar challenges across the K-12 education system when it comes to communicating with students and parents: How do we develop and distribute information to large audiences in our school community on an annual basis? A solution to this question is to use a simple tool that converts a PowerPoint presentation with recorded audio to a professional web presentation. Presenter 7 is the tool of choice for our school counseling team when we want to create a professional web presentation to parents, students, and the community. The beauty of creating a presentation with Presenter 7 is the challenges of distribution and access to information are solved immediately. The content that was once accessed one time during an evening parent night can now be viewed twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.
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Olympia High School Website – Presentations
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September 22, 2008

Connect Card – Webinar Marketing Tool

Digital Business Card
I have presented at many different conferences this past year. I try to bring a set of business cards to the event and have them available after my session for others to come by and pick them up. The idea is that educators can have a card to take with them and contact me later.
At the same time, I have been doing more Webinars using Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional. An Acrobat Connect Meeting allows for placing information in a Chat Pod. The information is usually in text form, but someone can also place a Hyperlink in the chat which becomes active once placed inside. I had an idea of creating a digital business card so people could click on a link in the Chat Pod after my Webinar and get useful information about me and have a way to contact me later.
I have provided my Webinar Connect Card, plus an example of an Adobe Senior Systems Engineer’s Connect Card.
I used Adobe Presenter 7 to create my Connect Card. So, check out my examples and have fun creating one for yourself!
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