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January 24, 2013

InDesign- Digital Publishing, Buttons

I am creating files in InDesign to be published to the iPad (teaching a class on it, iPad Publishing.) Everything has been working great and I have been really impressed with the students works.  All the dynamic components really add to the file- like hyperlinks, audio, video, pan & zoom, panorama…. BUT the one dynamic content piece I can not get to work are buttons! I can hyperlink and link buttons to go to URL’s but I can not get them to work when linking to another file within the same folio.  I have tried all the different options in the Buttons and Forms panels but nothing works (for example: Go to Destination, Go to State…) I am also previewing the file at the top level of the folio and even when the file is published to Adobe Viewer it is still not working. Does anyone know of an update or technique that I am missing to link to other files within the same folio?

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October 20, 2012

InDesign Folio Builder

I had to get my computer re-imaged and re-install Adobe CS6.  Since I have done so I can’t get the folio producer to work.  When I open the folio producer it tells me “A software update is required to use Digital Publishing Suite. Please go to the Help menu and select Updates to get the required software.” O fcourse, when I go to updates it is grayed out.  I tried heading out to the Web and grabbing different updates but nothing will work.  Below is a screen shot of my issues.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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June 17, 2012

Adobe Edge – Assistance Needed

I finally included an Adobe Edge file into one of my free-lance Website jobs.  The actual file works great and I don’t have to worry about it not working on iOS devices or the slow load time which occurs with a Photoshop animation file.  Unfortunately, I did come across two issues in which I hope to find help fixing.  Below is a link to a “draft” of the home page (“draft” – still not complete, hence the off alignment and missing text at the bottom) and the two issues which I am having….

Link to draft:

1.  Border: I can’t seem to remove the black border from the file. I found the two icons which you are able to change the stage color and border color in Edge.  You can see from the left image they appear to be black and gray, I changed them to be transparent and I save the file.  I close the file and quite  Adobe Edge and open everything back up again and the color keeps reverting back to black and gray.  I even tried to change the colors to red rather than transparent and no matter what they revert back to black and gray.  You can see the border when you visit the link above.   I also tried to look in the exported files to remove the border but that did not help. 

2.  Multi-Screen Viewing: I have this page set up to re-size depending on the screen size which the file is being viewed.  If you view it at a tablet size you will notice  the Edge file (scrolling animation piece in the middle) does not re-size itself but rather adds scroll bars.  In the Edge file I tried to change the “overflow” properties but nothing gave me what I needed.  Also in the Dreamweaver HTML file I set width=”100%” and height=”100%” Is there any way to make the edge file re-size itself and exclude the scroll bars?

Any guidance on either issue would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Lori Cullen

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October 17, 2011

Multi Screen Development Issues

A student and I are working together on making my teacher site user friendly for a smart phone, tablet and desktop screen. We have been using Dreamweaver CS5 to accomplish this mission and the Media Query option.  Everything is working out ok (so far) except….The java script code from the mobile site is interfering with the ability to move to a different page on the desktop and tablet site.  We are using the mobile site  and javascript that Dreamweaver developed.  We are using images for the links. For example, when setting up on the desktop/tablet site <a href=”index.html” target=”_self” > the image will not work as a link at all (it acts as a regular image.) If we do not include a target is also does not work .  When we include “target=”_blank” the images do act as links but then go ahead and open up each internal link in a new window which clearly we do not want.  So in summary, the image links on the desktop/tablet file will not work unless we have target=”_blank” which then opens each link a new window (not what we want when they are internal links.)  Any solutions to this problem.  We did try changing the images to text and that did not work either (same issue.)  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Lori Cullen 🙂

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