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March 3, 2010

Summer Workshops for School TV Production

Back by popular demand–School TV Summer Workshops for teachers will take place June 28-30th and July 14-16 2010.

Learn how to use Adobe software products to create affordable green-screened school TV newscasts, classroom video projects and more!



Participants will learn how to begin or improve school TV newscasts on any size budget, and create student video productions that have the professional look of network TV. Any classroom can now be used as a professional ‘green screen’ recording studio, thanks to the Adobe Digital School Collection and Adobe Visual Communicator software. Join Adobe Education Leader Rob Zdrojewski for an inside look at the Amherst Tech TV Studios, serving as a showcase model school TV program exclusively using Adobe software products!

Visit for complete details:


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September 20, 2009

Open House Night Video- Made With Adobe Visual Communicator

This year we wanted to do something a bit different for our 10 minute “speech” to the parents attending the annual Open House Night at our school. So using Adobe Visual Communicator, we decided to create a “video tour” of the units we teach in Technology Education at Amherst Middle School.


Sure we could have pre-recorded these segments, and had the benefit of starting over if we flubbed our lines, but hey what fun would that be? We decided to perform LIVE so parents could see Visual Communicator in all it’s simplicity.  Simply put, there is NO other comparable software out there that has greenscreen capability, live output, a built in teleprompter, and so many templates and wizards making video production a snap!  All made possible with software costing less than $150 edu retail.

Suffice to say, this will now be an annual event for us as it went over extrememly well and was highly effective showing what we teach in our classrooms.  We had a lot of positive feedback from administration and parents, and the video was featured on SchoolTube for all to view as well.

Production Note– nearly all of what you see was created exclusively with Visual Communicator, except for the classroom footage which we used our handy Flip Video cameras for, worked great!

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April 30, 2009

Summer 2009 Workshops for Adobe Visual Communicator

Learn how to create green screen student TV newscasts, classroom video projects and more this summer as Adobe Education Leader Rob Zdrojewski teaches the basic and advanced features of Adobe Visual Communicator 3. New this summer are workshops for existing users, where we will examine features like live flash web streaming and sharing your productions online.
Summer 2009 Workshop offerings:
-School TV Made Easy with Adobe Visual Communicator 3 (Beginners)
-Perfecting Your Adobe Visual Communicator Shows (Advanced Users)
-Using SchoolTube to Safely Share Videos Online
-Create Teacher Websites
Join us as hundreds of teachers, media specialists, and administrators have for an exciting look at using Adobe Visual Communicator for green screened school TV newscasts and more!
Learn more here:

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School Musical DVD Project Made with Adobe Products

This year Amherst Middle School’s musical was written by our own creative team of music teachers. This gave us the ability to record and sell it on DVD as a fundraiser. It was titled, “It’s Middle School…The Musical” and was a big hit!
The “Collector’s Edition” DVD our kids produced was absolutely phenominal! It contains the entire recorded performance shot with 2 camera angles, a slideshow set to the show’s music, and a 30 min documentary containing cast interviews and bloopers.
There were 8 Adobe products involved in this project, to learn more and view sample footage, visit my blog site here:–behind-the-scenes-of-our-2009-school-musical.html

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February 21, 2009

February School TV Workshops A Success!

Participants enjoyed a behind-the-scenes look at how Amherst Middle students deliver live school newscasts using Adobe software at the Amherst Tech TV studio in Amherst, NY. Although it was a snowy and cold two days, participants made the drive from as far as North Carolina, Pennslyvania and Ohio. One even flew in from Belgium to take our unique workshop!
We began with a tour of the studio facility, and then discussed the basic hardware items needed to get started. Participants were surprised to learn that for only around $500 you can begin school newscasts using any classroom or office for a recording studio. School newscasts no longer require expensive hardware like years ago. Now any classroom can serve as a professional newsroom! A basic camcorder, microphone, and green sheet is all you really need to begin creating newscasts, classroom video projects, slideshows, and more using Adobe’s Visual Communicator software.
Everyone was impressed at how easy and simple the software is to learn. Below are the links to watch some of their first video projects made during our workshops. Thanks to them for allowing us to share with the world!
Visit our Workshops Calendar to see when the next workshops for Adobe Visual Communicator are offered. We’d love to have you join us, and learn just how simple and affordable Adobe Visual Communicator is for TV production, newscasts, projects, web videos and more.
If interested in Summer 2009 Adobe Visual Communicator Training and Workshops, please complete this survey.

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February 2, 2009

Student Video Messages to President Obama made with Adobe Visual Communicator

To tie into 2009 inauguration events, my students created green screened video messages to President Obama using Adobe Visual Communicator 3 software. The concept was simple– if you had 30 seconds to talk directly to the President, what would you say? Since we couldn’t afford to travel to Washington D.C. we took a “virtual trip” and using our greenscreen studio made it look like we actually were recording our segments around town.
We were lucky enough to be featured nationally on and our local CBS and ABC affiliates in Buffalo, NY came into our school to cover this unique project.
Watch the introductory video segment below from our local CBS affiliate and visit our blog to view all student videos at

Interested in getting started with Adobe Visual Communicator in your classroom or school?
Visit for advice and resources.

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December 10, 2008

Ask Mr. Z Video Blog for Adobe Visual Communicator

The all new Ask Mr. Z Blog on is intended for educational users of Adobe Visual Communicator. Hosted by Adobe Education Leader & Community Expert Rob Zdrojewski, the video episodes and blog articles are based on user questions about creating school TV newscasts and class video projects across the curriculum. New episodes are released each month. Take a look and see if you have a question to Ask Mr. Z!
Episode 4- Preparing The Morning Newscast
Have a question or show suggestion? Ask Mr. Z HERE

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Adobe Visual Communicator Workshops and Training

I’m pleased to announce Adobe Visual Communicator Workshop and Training opportunities for 2009 are now listed in the events calendar on my website dedicated to schools using Adobe Visual Communicator 3.
Aug08 010.jpg
If you use (or wish to use) Visual Communicator for newscasts or class projects across the curriculum, these workshops are for you! Hundreds of educators have participated in 2008 and now have found a unique and affordable way to bring “green screened” school newscasts to their building or districts.
View the Amherst Tech TV showcase school for Visual Communicator here:
Site dedicated to educators using Visual Communicator:
And new “Ask Mr. Z” blog featuring commonly asked questions for using Visual Communicator:

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June 12, 2008

Visual Communicator Training Opportunities and Resources is pleased to present a unique school TV workshop opportunity this summer with Adobe’s Visual Communicator software.
Learn how to produce school TV news shows and class video projects
at Amherst Middle School’s state-of-the-art “Green Screen” TV studio near Buffalo, NY.
July 14-15
July 24-25
August 4-5
Join Amherst Middle Technology teacher and Adobe K-12 Education Leader Mr. Rob Zdrojewski for an inside look at how Amherst Middle School produces live school news shows and classroom video projects using Adobe Visual Communicator 3. Participants will learn how to begin or improve school TV news programs on any size budget and create video productions that have the professional look of network TV.
More details at our site for Visual Communicator users:
<a href="http://“>
Learn more about Amherst Middle School’s award winning Tech TV program at:

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