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February 16, 2009

Want to be a Connect Pro Superhero?

The million dollar question: How do I get audio from a multi-person phone conference into a Connect Pro Meeting Room? Well, I can make you the Connect Pro Superhero! The parts you need for the solution is a JK Audio – THAT-2 for around two hundred dollars, Computer, Connect Pro Meeting Room, Phone, Phone Conference Bridge, and RCA mini jack plug. The RCA mini jack plugs from the THAT-2 device into the microphone jack into a computer. The person who sets up the phone conference should be the person who opens up the Connect Pro Meeting room as the Host. First, the Host of the meeting should make the call and open up the phone conference. Second, the Host of the meeting can run themselves through the Audio Set-up Wizard to make sure the Connect Room is listening for the audio coming from the THAT-2 device. Next, the Host of the meeting can push the “Hands-free” button inside the Connect Pro Meeting room to start the stream of audio from the phone. I would make sure as the Host not to promote anyone, keep everyone in the room as a Participant because people who are promoted to Presenter or Host could also push the “Hands-free” button and mess up the audio set-up. If you must promote someone higher than a participant, make sure you tell them not to push any buttons! One last piece to your Superhero success, don’t forget to push the record button when you start the meeting.

JK Audio – THAT-2

Dave Forrester
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February 5, 2009

Do Educators Want Connect Pro?

A little over 48 hours ago I released our first online Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional course on our district’s Blackboard system. I was curious to see what the response would be. In December we offered two stand-and-deliver (SAD) format courses and both filled up within 15 minutes of being released on our district system. With an overbook capacity of 24 participants planning on filling the room we thought we would be training a lot of educators, both administrators and teachers, on the benefits of Connect Pro.

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January 15, 2009

Adobe Connect is One Slick Tool

A few days ago I was able to put Adobe Connect “through the ringer.” I had dabbled with Connect a handful of times, but last Tuesday, I had the opportunity to teach a day-long workshop that “connected” educators from various locations across Texas.
In all honesty, I had a few pre-workshop jitters. Would the participants be able to follow my directions? Would the class be engaging? How would the audio sound? Would the participants be able to see what was happening on my computer screen?
To my delight, everything worked out great!
The day before the workshop I logged into my Connect dashboard and set up the meeting. I then announced the host URL (the address of the meeting) by sending an email to the participants. The preparation took about five minutes.
The morning of my workshop, I logged into my Connect meeting a bit early to make sure the audio and screencasting functions were working properly (just a precaution). I then shared my screen, turned on my mic, and the workshop started promptly at 9:00. I spent the next five hours teaching a course on ways to implement Adobe Acrobat 9…and it went without a hitch!
The end-of-workshop feedback was fantastic. Everybody enjoyed learning over Connect and it saved some serious travel dollars. The only complaint from the participants was that they couldn’t see the instructor. That was my fault, as I was using my PC (no webcam) and not my Mac. Connect would have easily allowed me to broadcast a small video if I had used a computer with a web cam. Live and learn…
All-in-all, I feel that Connect is a very viable alternative to face-to-face instruction. It allowed for multi-location synchronic learning (something that face-to-face instruction cannot provide), but also saved some coin. What a bargain!
Scott Trudeau

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