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April 21, 2008

Photoshop Elements 6 Earth Day Tutorial

Photoshop Elements is an amazing program and once you get the basics down you can really “go to town” on your photographs. This short tutorial will demonstrate a few tips and techniques based around an Earth Day theme.
•Text Effects
•Text Tool Tips
•Drop Shadow
•Quick Selections

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February 15, 2008

Five Tips for Combating Home Movie Mediocrity

1.Tell a story.
Instead of simply burning a DVD of your kid’s soccer game (BORING) capture the highlights from the entire season and create a documentary. The NFL does a great job at this. They are able to take snippets of video throughout the season, add narration and music, and turn it into a compelling story. Of course having a voice like John Facenda (the voice of NFL Films) certainly helps.
2.Don’t Focus Only on the Positive
Success is great! Heck, who doesn’t like to succeed? However, some of the best selling NFL videos document football follies! Try incorporating a bit of life’s struggles into your videos; failure is often times waaaaay more interesting than success (at least on video).
3.Tell the “Rest of the Story”
Senior Jason McElwain scored 20 points for his high school basketball team. Big deal…that is until you hear the rest of the story. Jason was the team’s manager, not a player, and is autistic. His coach, Jim Johnson decided to add Jason to the roster for the last game of the season, entitling Jason to a basketball jersey and hopefully some play time. Jason went on to score twenty points in four minutes, and won his way into the hearts of sports fans across the nation. Without the details…you have no emotion!
– see the video on YouTube
4.Take the Road Less Traveled
My cousin invited me to watch a video of his honeymoon in San Francisco. I rolled my eyes, sighed, and prepared myself for home video boredom. It turns out that Matt and Julie are a bit more adventurous than your average honeymooners. At each location they would walk up to the locals and interview them (think Jay Leno’s “Man on the Street”). The best part of the tape documented Matt finagling a turn on a street performer’s drum set. It was both funny and interesting. It didn’t hurt that they spent a bit of time in post production cutting out the boring parts, adding music, and highlighting the interesting stuff.
5.Add Humor
I taught middle school and junior high science for six years. Hands down the best instructional videos were those starring Bill Nye the Science Guy. He seemed to have a short 20 minute, highly engaging video for just about every topic I taught. He incorporated humor and wacky (but relevant) experiments into every episode. The students and I loved Bill Nye.
So there you have it. My five tips for combating movie mediocrity. Anybody else care to share?

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October 10, 2007

Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 Photo Collage (of sorts)

Photoshop Elements 6 has a slick new interface with loads of great tools to help with all your image manipulation needs. I just received my copy of Elements 6 and had to give it a spin.
I decided to create a photo collage using a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge that was taken in the wonderful city of San Francisco over the past summer. I suppose using the term “collage” is a stretch, as this project will only use a single photograph; however it will make use of Photoshop Element’s powerful layers functionality.
The final project consisted of 3 layers: a background layer, a duplicate of the background layer, and a Hue/Saturation layer. The background layer was converted to a black and white image while the copy of the background layer had a Hue/Saturation layer applied just above it to really make the colors pop.
For a step-by-step check out the Adobe Captivate video tutorial that goes along with this post.

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