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February 21, 2009

February School TV Workshops A Success!

Participants enjoyed a behind-the-scenes look at how Amherst Middle students deliver live school newscasts using Adobe software at the Amherst Tech TV studio in Amherst, NY. Although it was a snowy and cold two days, participants made the drive from as far as North Carolina, Pennslyvania and Ohio. One even flew in from Belgium to take our unique workshop!
We began with a tour of the studio facility, and then discussed the basic hardware items needed to get started. Participants were surprised to learn that for only around $500 you can begin school newscasts using any classroom or office for a recording studio. School newscasts no longer require expensive hardware like years ago. Now any classroom can serve as a professional newsroom! A basic camcorder, microphone, and green sheet is all you really need to begin creating newscasts, classroom video projects, slideshows, and more using Adobe’s Visual Communicator software.
Everyone was impressed at how easy and simple the software is to learn. Below are the links to watch some of their first video projects made during our workshops. Thanks to them for allowing us to share with the world!
Visit our Workshops Calendar to see when the next workshops for Adobe Visual Communicator are offered. We’d love to have you join us, and learn just how simple and affordable Adobe Visual Communicator is for TV production, newscasts, projects, web videos and more.
If interested in Summer 2009 Adobe Visual Communicator Training and Workshops, please complete this survey.

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February 16, 2009

What I’ve Learned from Presenting at TCEA

Austin, Texas. What a great place for a technology convention for educators.
For the past 5 years, I’ve had the pleasure of teaching the two-day Web Academy at the TCEA convention. Educators from all over the state make up the class – and each brings with them a variety of skills and needs. What motivates Texas educators to enroll in this workshop varies. Some take the class because they are looking for best practices to follow for designing and managing their school web sites. Others sign up because they need to learn how to use Adobe software in order to train their own staffs when they get home. Whatever the reason, I try to throw everything I can at them for the two days we are together.
I’ve made my share of mistakes over the years – so each year I try to improve.
Here are my Top 10 Things I try to remember when I teach a workshop on how to use Adobe products:
1. Teach educators the same way you would teach your students in your classroom. Keep them engaged and constantly review them on the skills they have learned.
2. Give your workshop participants time to practice their new skills.
3. Provide participants materials to take notes. They will remember what they learned better if they take their own notes.
4. Never give your participants all your handouts all at once. You will keep your students attention much better if you spread out throughout the day the passing out of handouts and materials.
5. Try to have door prizes. Adobe is great about providing software for your trainings – so be sure to order it in time to have it when your training starts.
6. Make sure your participants know about all the free educator materials on the Adobe web site. I am always surprised at how many teachers do not know about the Digital Design Curriculum that is available in the k-12 section of the Adobe site.
7. Plan for the unexpected – especially if you are training in a lab that is unfamiliar to you. Just because the Fireworks Slideshow tutorial works great on your laptop does not mean the RAM- challenged computers in the training lab will produce the same results.
8. Be honest. It’s okay to tell your students you don’t know the answer to their questions. They will appreciate your candor.
9. Give breaks as needed. Six hours in a dark, cold lab gets uncomfortable fast.
10. Try to make yourself available when the workshop is over (I know this is hard.). Share your email address in case your students have questions later. Also, make your handouts available online for downloading extra copies when they get home.

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January 26, 2009

Adobe at Bett 2009

A week has now passed since the Bett show at Olympia in London, and I am gradually getting back to the idea of being in school. Catching up and finding my feet again.
But what a show! It was grand to see Adobe folk from San Fran, to talk to them over breakfast, at the top of a tower block on the Thames, and on the stand.
There were a number of us UK AEL’s on the stand, presenting the work that we do in schools and colleges, talking to passers by, answering questions – great to be able to solve problems for people (interesting the number of folk who just want to tell you what they are doing with Adobe software) – and generally being a presence. Lots of coffee to keep it all buzzing. Liz doing a grand job, organising the stand, getting everything together. The stand worked well and looked brilliant.
AEL’s wore black polo shirts, Adobe folk wore purple – so difficult questions could be fielded towards the right coloured shirt! Adobe badges went like candy.
I got some really good feedback from the presentations that I gave:
“Really enjoyed the talk yesterday…Real stuff actually happening in/near a classroom.”
“I really enjoyed your talk on Friday… The time flew by and I really liked the way you came across. I was sat there thinking “my mate who`s head of Creative Arts would love this” I could hear the noises of excitement that she`d make if she`d been there.”
And I got as much from having the opportunity to give the presentations. It was also magic to have time to watch the other presentations, both from AEL’s and from Adobe experts. CS4 is pretty fantastic!
Back in school again today, and having fun with Photoshop, inspired by a demonstration of Greg’s – the ‘Photoshop Ping-Pong’
Determined to do more with Captivate.
It is a privilege to be a part of the Adobe machine, and get a chance to rave over the creative possibilities of the software.
But the greatest privilege is the opportunity to share creative ideas, to be a part of a community – feel a part of a community, and to have the opportunity to take this out to a wider community. All those people sort of things!

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January 23, 2009

Adobe at FETC 2009

Setting the stage for a great experience at FETC (Florida Educational Technology Conference) 2009 in Orlando, the Adobe events continue to be well-attended and “where the action is” for attendees. On this second official day of FETC, the Adobe Education Leaders (AELs) have already led many workshops (including pre-conference). On Friday alone, the AELs are conducting nearly half of the hands-on workshops.
The Adobe booth is always busy and buzzing with people clamoring for more information on the creative products they are using with their students. The theater sessions in the booth are presented by Adobe experts while AELs spend their time visiting with educators and answering questions. Attendance is still very good this year, even in bleak economic times.

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December 10, 2008

Adobe Visual Communicator Workshops and Training

I’m pleased to announce Adobe Visual Communicator Workshop and Training opportunities for 2009 are now listed in the events calendar on my website dedicated to schools using Adobe Visual Communicator 3.
Aug08 010.jpg
If you use (or wish to use) Visual Communicator for newscasts or class projects across the curriculum, these workshops are for you! Hundreds of educators have participated in 2008 and now have found a unique and affordable way to bring “green screened” school newscasts to their building or districts.
View the Amherst Tech TV showcase school for Visual Communicator here:
Site dedicated to educators using Visual Communicator:
And new “Ask Mr. Z” blog featuring commonly asked questions for using Visual Communicator:

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August 6, 2008

Adobe Education eSeminar Series

The Adobe Education eSeminar Series begins August 14, 2008.
These free of charge online events will cover topics such as distance and eLearning projects using Acrobat 9, creating interactive PDF files, electronic portfolios for students and educators and much more.
The presentations will be conducted by Adobe education product experts and/or Adobe Education Leaders.
This is a great opportunity to learn from the experts right from your computer.
Details and registration

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August 30, 2007

Adobe Education September eSeminars

Adobe® Acrobat® 8 Professional: Beyond the PDF file
Tuesday, September 11, 2007
10:00 A.M. PDT
Learn how Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional software can be used for so much more than creating PDF files. In this 30-minute session, see how Acrobat can help you streamline the review process, enhance research and curriculum development, speed up archiving and retrieval of information, and more.
Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional: Creating forms
Thursday, September 13, 2007
10:00 A.M. PDT
This 30-minute session will show you how Acrobat 8 Professional—and its included LiveCycle® Designer software—can be used to design dynamic, interactive forms that will let you collect and manage information for research, proposals, administrative tasks, registration, and more via the web and e-mail.

Adobe Digital School Collection Spotlight

Friday, October 5, 2007
9:00 A.M. PDT
Join Adobe Education Leader Linda Dickenson for a one-hour session that will explore exciting ways in which educators can use the Adobe Digital School Collection to inspire and engage students. Learn about tools for digital storytelling, multimedia projects, and effective communication and collaboration.

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August 2, 2007

Adobe Education eSeminars

The education team at Adobe is offering a series of free eSeminars than can be attended via the web from home or school. Below is the list of eSeminars for August 2007.
Acrobat® Series: Digital Workflow in the Classroom (K-12)
Thursday, August 9, 2007
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM US/Pacific
Acrobat Series: Digital Workflow Across Campus (Higher Education)
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM US/Pacific
Introducing Adobe Creative Suite® 3 Production Premium
Tuesday, August 21, 2007
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM US/Pacific
Adobe Digital School Collection
Tuesday, August 28, 2007
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM US/Pacific

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July 24, 2007

Adobe Education Leader Institute 2007

After my first day at the summer institute, I find myself totally regretting having missed last years. Presentations by Adobe experts and other AELs (Adobe Education Leaders) “captivated” (no pun) my attention. I think I learned more about Web 2.0 in one afternoon than I have from days of reading and experimenting with these tools. Kathy Schrock has opened my mind to the value of integrating them into K-12 Curriculum. Now I can not wait to try out some of these things with professional development in Florida.
Special thanks to Jack and Megan for their flexibility!!!!

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