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July 25, 2011

Flash Development for Android Cookbook – eBook giveaway!

I’ll be at Adobe’s San Jose headquarters this week for the Adobe Education Leader Institute – and thought this will be a great time to run a little contest in promotion of my book! I’ll be giving away a couple copies of the eBook version through Packt.

The eBook version is great; I’ve been using this myself, as I go about my mobile work for quick reference and it’s been delightfully helpful. Very easy to do a quick text search or pull up the table on contents and so forth.

All you have to do to win a copy is visit and leave a comment here about a feature that interests you. Then, just link to your comment on Twitter – use the hashtag #FlashAndroidBook and be sure to follow me or it will not count!

The giveaway will run for a week and I’ll pick winners at random on Sunday the 31st! Spread the word!

Incidentally; for those interested in reviewing the book, contact Shaveer Irani (shaveeri – AT – with the subject line of “Flash Development for Android Cookbook – Review” and the publisher may just hook you up!

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May 9, 2010

AIR- Tight! The Photographer’s Ephemeris

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January 20, 2010

SoDA 2010 Digital Marketing Outlook

“What you’ll find in the pages that follow is the output from the 2010 Digital Marketing Outlook survey which polled in excess of a thousand executives from major global brands, traditional and Digital agencies, vendor and service providers that operate in the Digital space, as well as freelance and independent Digital practitioners. The research has confirmed our outlook: many believe the future of Digital Marketing is exceptionally bright.”
Check out page 10:
Skillsets 2010
Compared with last year’s report:

  • Flash is still around 80%
  • ActionScript is down a bit near 60%

Still an overall great showing for the platform, especially when compared with similar technologies.
Grab the full report.

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September 19, 2009

How do I prepare my students for the Adobe Certified Associate Exam?

My students, their parents and our business advisory board are all very excited about earning the Adobe Certified Associate credentials. Of course I want all my students to be successful so I have been searching for resources that will provide my students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Here is a list of what I have found.
Study Guides
Did you know that Adobe has posted detailed study guides for each exam at: These are .pdf files with both written tutorials and the sample files for the lessons all wrapped up in one Adobe Acrobat file!
Adobe Curriculum
Adobe has worked closely with classroom teachers like myself to develop curriculum that is aligned with the ISTE standards and teacher tested.
Visual Design is a yearlong, project-based curriculum that develops career and communication skills in print production and graphic design, using Adobe tools.
Digital Design is a yearlong, project-based curriculum that develops IT career skills in web design and production, using Adobe tools.
Adobe TV
It is time that instructors learned about this incredible resource. Adobe has developed hours of fantastic instructional video resources and offers it free through the Adobe Media Player. Check out all that they have to offer at:
Learn by Video
This is the first resource that I have found that is specifically design to prepare students for the ACA exam. It has a easy to use interface, tutorials that you download to your iPod and well delivered content that will help your students prepare for the exam. I have really appreciated the book that accompanies this because it helps to explain the non-software specific topics covered on the exam. I also appreciate the test at the end of each unit both monitoring my students progress and helping them prepare for the type of exam questions they will face in the real ACA exam.
Classroom in a Book
Of course these books have been around for year providing a great resource for students and teachers. They provide great instruction on the application but you will need to supplement the lessons to fully prepare your students for the exam.
Online Software Training
If you or your students are looking for high quality online training on Adobe software then I strongly recommend the following resources:
Total Training:
Atomic Learning:
Of course my own software workshops (free):
Professional Development
Faculty workshops through Knowledge Network Solutions
Master education consultants from Knowledge Network Solutions come to your school to run workshops for faculty on how to use Adobe tools and effectively integrate them into their courses. Workshops are available to higher ed and K-12 institutions.
For more information about the Adobe Certified Associate Exam go to:

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June 2, 2009

Google wave

Google is showing off an interesting opensource collection in

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May 28, 2009

New exam study guides for Adobe Associate Certification (ACA)

Adobe just released free exam study guides to prepare students and educators for the new Adobe Associate Certifications. In addition, Adobe Press has released three new offerings in the Learn by Video series.
The free exam study guides include:
– Web Communication using Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
– Rich Media Communication using Adobe Flash CS4
– Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop CS4
Versions for the older CS3 are also available.
The Learn by Video series includes:
– Learn Adobe Photoshop CS4 by Video: Core Training in Visual Communication
– Learn Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 by Video: Core Training in Web Communication
– Learn Adobe Flash CS4 Professional by Video: Core Training in Rich Media Communication
See details>

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May 3, 2009

The Why Try Organization – Helping Challenged Youth Find Success

School Counselors are charged with developing programs in three main domains for students. These three main domains are academic, college/career, and personal/social. I would like to bring everyone’s attention to The Why Try Organization. They are leaders in bringing systemic and sustainable student motivational programs into schools to address dropout prevention, violence prevention, drug and alcohol prevention, truancy reduction, and increase academic success for all students. The WhyTry Program is simple, hands-on and a visual curriculum which helps youth overcome and proves their resiliency. Christian Moore, M.S.W is the founder of the program, growing up in Washington, D.C. area within a family of twelve children. By an early age, Christian had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder, conduct disorder, and severe learning disabilities. Today, Christian speaks at a large number of conferences and events each year inspiring educators and students to make their lives better. The School Counselors use this program at my high school and we have seen dramatic results with helping our students in difficult situations. So check out their website and resources!
The Why Try Organization
Christian Moore, Founder of the Why Try Organization
My Connect Card
My Connect Room

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April 9, 2009

SoDA 2009 Digital Marketing Outlook

“As the dark clouds of the economy envelope the marketing world, many wonder if digital marketing may be a ray of sunshine in the gloom. To find out, the Society of Digital Agencies conducted a broad survey of traditional and digital agencies as well as brands, digital vendors and even freelance digital experts.”
Most interesting for me is page 20 of the report:
SoDA Report
Go, Flash!
…why is Java grouped together with JavaScript? Eh?
Grab the full report or visit SoDA.

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February 20, 2009

Online Professional Development Resources

Adobe took the time and listened to a few Adobe Education Leaders, Adobe Connect Pro Product Experts, and other points-of-view and developed a resource center dedicated to the building and support of Online Professional Development using the Acrobat Family of advanced software tools. The Resource Center uses excellent visuals and work flow strategies to develop and deploy a variety of scalable professional development models, which can be distributed over the web. Whether you need to create and distribute on-demand professional development content, deliver live professional development sessions, or deliver a hybrid of both models, you’ll find great help and resources within this area on Adobe’s website.

Professional Development Resources Link

Professional Development Models
My Profile

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December 10, 2008

Ask Mr. Z Video Blog for Adobe Visual Communicator

The all new Ask Mr. Z Blog on is intended for educational users of Adobe Visual Communicator. Hosted by Adobe Education Leader & Community Expert Rob Zdrojewski, the video episodes and blog articles are based on user questions about creating school TV newscasts and class video projects across the curriculum. New episodes are released each month. Take a look and see if you have a question to Ask Mr. Z!
Episode 4- Preparing The Morning Newscast
Have a question or show suggestion? Ask Mr. Z HERE

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