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AIR 1.5 Cookbook released

I’m pleased to announce that O’Reilly has released the cookbook for Adobe AIR 1.5. I was involved with the book as technical editor, fortunate to work with authors David Tucker, Marco Casario, Koen De Weggheleire, and Rich Tretola, among other very talented contributing developers.

Like other O’Reilly cookbooks, the book aims to provide readers with a collection of practical solutions to common real-world problems that AIR developers face. The ‘recipes’ it features address a broad range of challenges, spanning topics including:

– Encrypted local data storage
– Embedded SQL database programming
– HTML content
– PDF support
– Clipboard support
– Drag and drop support
– Filesystem integration
– Taskbar and dock integration
– Service monitor framework
– Application updates

The book is available for pre-order on Amazon, but if you are attending MAX 2008 in San Francisco, it is available for purchase at the O’Reilly booth. If you can’t wait, or are not at MAX, a chapter of the book is available for free download at the AIR Developer Center, enjoy.

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