About this blog

eLearning is a field in need of considerable investigation. It is a challenge that is faced by all educators, trainers and knowledge workers as we slip ever more rapidly into a digitally enhanced world.

My hope for this blog is that we can form a community bound by a common interest in using the Internet and digital technology to teach people. Many hands make light work, and it is my

 intent to harness the brilliance of many voices to begin to distill practical solutions for effective, engaging and easy creation of 21st century online learning materials.

Above all I propose to approach this investigation in a practical and open manner, depending upon readers and contributors for feedback about ways to demystify the creation of eLearning materials. The emphasis should remain on sharing easy techniques to solve the kind of daily problems that appear in the real lives of people who develop educational materials, regardless of their target audience.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out, share, contribute to the discussion or participate in any way that you like. I consider this a touchpoint for a community which I value very much and which carries far more genius as a whole than any one of its members may provide independently.