Cold, Seriously Cold.

For most of the folks in North America, today was a ridiculously cold day. My local temperature was 19┬░, 7┬░Fahrenheit with the windchill. (About -14 Celcius). So it has been a really cold day. There is a light layer of snow on the ground here and by all reports considerably more in the American midwest. The snow, the cold, and all the associated sliding cars, windburned cheeks and sniffles that accompany the season are ever-present reminders of one of eLearning’s greatest advantages; bypassing the horrible cold.

In fact all week long, dozens of doctoral students have been handing in multiple drafts of their final papers to me, and not one of them needed to brave the cold to do so. This one small miracle of the eLearning age, I owe to Buzzword, which in my opinion is one of the greatest pieces of software of the 21st century.

Buzzword is a feature rich, hardcore word processor that runs in a browser. In many ways its the best word processor I’ve used. But enough writing, I’ll just show you. Check out the Captivate Overview below.