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21st Century Skills & eLearning

I’m always a little amused and puzzled when an education paradigm with a catchy name and a reasonable underpinning of support begins to gain momentum. As an academic I’m generally very skeptical. But I have to admit that the 21st centuries skills movement is one that I am more than a little impressed with. The pleasant and substantial suprise for me in 21st century skills is that it seeks to find a compromise between didactic (traditional lectures & slides) instruction and experiential (projects, problem based, etc.) instruction.

As I researched I found some solid videos, and this one was my favorite. (Apologies in advance to my international readers, the end of the video takes an overtly nationalistic tone, but i think the quality of content overall is extremely useful.)


The video was created by You Tube user mapleseed25, on June 2 of 2009.

If you are interested in 21st Century Skills and specifically how Adobe’s eLearning Suite can contribute to the development of these skills in learners of all ages, I’d encourage you to attend the eSeminars I’m giving tomorrow, Wednesday Dec. 16. Details are below;

      BASIC: Meeting Educational Objectives with 21st Century E-Learning Development & Management Tools

A    ADVANCED: 21st Century Digital Literacy Skills; Tools for the next generation


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eLearning is a field in need of considerable investigation. It is a challenge that is faced by all educators, trainers and knowledge workers as we slip ever more rapidly into a digitally enhanced world.

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Celebrate Community: Announcing a new series of eSeminars on eLearning

Adobe will be hosting a series of eLearning eSeminars beginning next week, for both beginners and more advanced users of Captivate and the eLearning Suite.  These sessions will generally be held every two weeks (on alternating Wednesdays, skipping the winter shutdown at the end of December) and will aim to provide basic information about

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