MAX2006 Keynote

I’ll leave the detail-heavy blog posts to someone else. Brent and I still have to finish up the demos for our session this afternoon. But I want to get some thoughts down while the impressions are still fresh.
The strongest theme running through the presentations was the integration of separate products to support real workflows. Fancy products like Flash and Photoshop and ColdFusion can be used creatively to do almost anything. That’s great power and freedom. But it doesn’t mean that the most common tasks can be ignored.
I was especially impressed when Sho Kuwamoto demo’d a workflow between Illustrator and Flex Builder. Using well-designed assets in Illustrator, he mapped those to Flash symbols which were used to skin Flex components.
Focus on that kind of developer experience will be huge for the Flex community. By optimizing the common task, designers and developers will be able to make their Flex apps more distinctive. Can’t wait to try that out!

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