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AIR for Linux — users and developers

Two big announcements on the Adobe + Linux front today. A public alpha of AIR and a new rev of Flex Builder.
For years I’ve been toying with the theory that Linux hasn’t caught on in the consumer desktop space because the apps users expect to run don’t run there. And the apps don’t run there because developers need to learn different styles to develop Linux apps. There’s different distros and packaging requirements, wide variance in window managers, etc, etc.
Sure, the rise of Wine kind of undermines the whole theory. But it adds an extra wrinkle: virtualized apps are cool, but a little bit weird. I’m hooked on virtualized OSes for daily life, but I still feel like they’re not really playing well with others.
Anyway, the ability to develop Linux apps using AIR is a big step. Developers can write these apps on any OS. And just as cool, developers who love what Linux offers for their own work productivity can create AIR apps that run on Mac and Win as well. Same .air file, any OS.
So try out the Linux tools and file some bugs!! It’s the best way to get quality where we all want it to be.

European Vacation

This is going to be fun. Hot on the heels of shipping AIR 1.0, I’ve been given approval to join some excitable evangelists and other eloquent luminaries on the AIR Tour in Europe.
For one week in June, I’ll join the tour, presenting in Stockholm, Berlin and Warsaw. It’s always a blast to meet the developers who are pushing the envelope of rich apps. And it’ll be especially fun meeting them in parts of the world that are entirely new to me. From this desk, it’s sometime hard to feel the true scale of a global community.
I just need to find someone to keep an eye on my cube….