One week with the onAIR Tour in Europe

I’m posting this from the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden. This week I’ll be traveling with Mike Chambers, Ryan Stewart and the rest of the onAIR crew.
My presentation is an introduction to building security applications in AIR. The first leg of the tour is sold out, and I’m totally excited to be presenting to a full house. If you’re coming to the events in Stockholm, Berlin, or Warsaw, say hi. I want to use this opportunity outside my cube to meet the developers who give meaning to the platform.

One Response to One week with the onAIR Tour in Europe

  1. Maltaannon says:

    Hello Ethan. I hope you are well. We meet at onAir in Warsaw. I detected a bug regarding read-only files on Windows and Mac. I just received a info, that AIR 1.1 is coming soon. I’d like to ask you if there is any idea when that might be and if the bug I’ve mentioned above is going to be fixed and hopefully allow me to write read-only files if I’m the owner of the file. All the best from Poland.