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Slides from my onAIR talk

I’ve gone more in depth into security and injection attacks before. But sometimes, it’s nicer to see everything boiled down into a few slides.
Here, then, are the security slides from my onAIR presentation (PDF). You may see some familiar diagrams…
For more detailed information on how application upgrade really works, check out this trio of posts that Serge Jespers did.

Quick, Cool Links

There’s been a lot going on lately, even without counting a great week with the onAIR tour in Europe. Each of these deserve a full post with captivating details and insider insight. But instead I’m going for partial credit, just getting everything out there.

AIR 1.1

AIR 1.1 went live last night, bringing international and localization support to AIR. This means that users get an application install experience best suited to their language, and developers can craft apps that are similarly localized. Christian and Jeff wrote articles showing how to do just that; check out the AIR Developer Center.

Update Framework

It’s crucial for applications to be able to update themselves. Users expect seamless growth as new functionality is added. Update is also a security safety valve. If an application has a vulnerability, it can update itself to a safe, patched version. Serge Jespers gave a great presentation about update for the onAIR tour.
Now there’s a new Update Framework available on Adobe Labs, making it even easier to do the right thing.

Security Talk

In Warsaw last week, Kevin Hoyt was nice enough to tape my talk on security. Yesterday, he made the audio available on his blog.
I can’t say enough about how educational and fun the onAIR tour was. The attendees’ engagement and expertise was really humbling. Developers are digging deep into AIR and pushing it to the limit, while suggesting great improvements to make development more and more elegant. The evangelists are always great to talk to, and are even greater to travel with.

AIR Cookbook

I just learned about the AIR Cookbook on the developer center. This is a great place for people to share the “recipes” they’ve created for working with AIR. After seeing some excellent techniques in action the other week, I’m sure the cookbook will become a valuable tool for developers of all levels. Delicious!!