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Adobe AIR Supports XSLT

The internet is funny. Things get written, then cross-referenced, then indexed by mammoth search engines. Later, when the truth changes, the old postings stay around in various indexes.
So, if you did a search for “Adobe AIR XSLT” via your favorite search engine, you’d be forgiven for thinking that AIR doesn’t yet support client-side XSLT.
But the vast majority of those pages were from August 2007, when AIR was still in Beta. By the time AIR 1.0 launched in 2008, XSLT support was enabled.
So yes: Adobe AIR Supports XSLT!
I’ve only seen one blog post about this truth, by my co-worker Brian Riggs, who works on Adobe Media Player.
Please, read his post, link to it, and link to this one. Together, we can change the search engines!