Hit the slopes without freezing

Ski3D is the latest Shockwave Site of the Day! Take the ski simulator for a spin in a realistic 3D winter wonderland. I’m not a big fan of snow or cold (I grew up in Chicago), so this is a good way for me to see what I’m (not) missing…

We’re also tackling updating our product pages on macromedia.com. Slowly but surely. The latest update is a new licensing page. You’ll notice a new “Licensing” menu item in the right-hand menu on the product page, too. Hopefully the page will provide a quick start way to get into the player licensing process. It also addresses feedback from educational institutions, which found the classification of “corporate intranet” – or rather, the lack of an “educational intranet” option – to be confusing.

One Response to Hit the slopes without freezing

  1. Phillip Kerman says:

    Ouch, haven’t had a blue-screen/restart for a long time. Just when I was watching Ski3D and while waiting at the screen “initializing”.