New W3D Exporter SDK Libraries Posted

Our engineering department has recently completed an update to the W3D Exporter SDK Libraries so that developers can create exporters for Mach-O based applications on OSX. Prior to this update we only provided Carbon libraries for the Macintosh platform and that fact proved limiting as of late. For each sample application in the SDK there are now the following projects:

Mac Classic (Codewarrior)
Carbon PEF (Codewarrior)
Mach-O (Codewarrior)
Mach-O (XCode)

Of course you can see by the above that this update targets Macintosh development only, and to be clear the update doesn’t involve new exporter capabilities. The update is intended to allow continued developer of W3D exporters in modern and current modeling applications on Mac OSX.

To learn more about the W3D Exporter SDK please visit the W3D SDK Program page on our website.


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