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Who’s the best?

Director MX 2004 is the proud recipient of the Presentations Magazine 2004 Standing Ovation Award for Best Multimedia Authoring Solution. The Standing Ovation awards honor “the absolute best products of the year” and are selected by the magazine’s editors, columnists, and a network of experts. Check out the December 2004 issue!

We’ve also updated the Director product page to reflect some reviews that hadn’t made it up there yet:

* AV Multimedia Producer – Director MX 2004 Review
“Director’s new DVD-video support is something that has real potential. In my opinion, this feature can lead to new ways of deploying kiosks and DVDs.” And actually, the Director MX 2004 and DVD-Video was the most popular Director article in the Developer Center in 2004.

* Mac Design Magazine – Director MX 2004: Multimedia tool powerhouse (4.5 out of 5!)
“Macromedia Director is the King Kong of interactive multimedia authoring programs! You’d have to search a lot of jungles to find any other authoring program that has as many features as Macromedia Director.”

feelin’ all warm and fuzzy inside 🙂