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Info about Apple “Tiger” release and Macromedia tools

Apple OS X Tiger, which has a ton of interesting new features, is coming out today. Before you upgrade, be sure to check the Macromedia & Tiger Compatibility tech note to understand all the known issues with Macromedia products on Tiger so there aren’t any surprises that interrupt your daily workflow. We are working with Apple to resolve these issues.

There aren’t many new issues with Director or Shockwave Player compatibility with the Tiger release. But before you pounce all over us with your claws out, *yes* the 3D offset bug still exists in the new version of Safari. Note that in the new Safari, the offset is made worse by an additional 30 pixels or so. If you hide the address bar, you get the old 20 pixel bug behavior. Tom and our QA team have diligently tracked and babysat this bug through the process, and Apple knows this is the bug the product team cares most about getting fixed in the updates. We also highlighted that this new version of Safari exacerbated the problem. Obviously, we can’t promise anything about what the resolution will be, but the right people know about it.

We are working on a tech note about the 3D offset bug to be posted later today, which will let users know that the workaround is to either use Software Rendering in Safari, or use a different browser. You might want to consider detecting Safari and letting users know what their options are for viewing your content properly. Our system requirements for Mac only list Netscape and IE, but it does work in Firefox. Actually, I believe 3D works fine in pretty much any browser *except* Safari (and I believe we’ve seen issues in Camino as well.)

You can view the Director Emerging Issues tech note here.

E.T. had his Reese’s…

Skittles is promoting a tie-in with Star War’s Episode III with a Shockwave game Hunt for Grievous from KewlBox. There are five games to play, and prizes to win. Or, if you don’t have codes from your Skittles purchase, you can still play. Registration required.

I guess Obi-Wan prefers the taste of the rainbow.

Tennis, anyone?

Check out today’s Site of the Day for the latest Shockwave 3D game from Skunk Studios — Tennis Titans.

Want more great 3D? Swing by Tom’s 4.5.05 blog for information about and links to the new Sony XXX2 game “The Mission,” and the Esuvee Challenge Course.