Info about Apple “Tiger” release and Macromedia tools

Apple OS X Tiger, which has a ton of interesting new features, is coming out today. Before you upgrade, be sure to check the Macromedia & Tiger Compatibility tech note to understand all the known issues with Macromedia products on Tiger so there aren’t any surprises that interrupt your daily workflow. We are working with Apple to resolve these issues.

There aren’t many new issues with Director or Shockwave Player compatibility with the Tiger release. But before you pounce all over us with your claws out, *yes* the 3D offset bug still exists in the new version of Safari. Note that in the new Safari, the offset is made worse by an additional 30 pixels or so. If you hide the address bar, you get the old 20 pixel bug behavior. Tom and our QA team have diligently tracked and babysat this bug through the process, and Apple knows this is the bug the product team cares most about getting fixed in the updates. We also highlighted that this new version of Safari exacerbated the problem. Obviously, we can’t promise anything about what the resolution will be, but the right people know about it.

We are working on a tech note about the 3D offset bug to be posted later today, which will let users know that the workaround is to either use Software Rendering in Safari, or use a different browser. You might want to consider detecting Safari and letting users know what their options are for viewing your content properly. Our system requirements for Mac only list Netscape and IE, but it does work in Firefox. Actually, I believe 3D works fine in pretty much any browser *except* Safari (and I believe we’ve seen issues in Camino as well.)

You can view the Director Emerging Issues tech note here.

10 Responses to Info about Apple “Tiger” release and Macromedia tools

  1. Seb says:

    As Tiger Dashboard is based on html and can embed (according to apple’s website) shockwave asset. It this offset also visible in dashBoard? (otherwise, Director might be the best tool to build 3D dashbord widget?)cheersSeb

  2. seb says:

    By he way, shouldn’t this issue mentionned in the central tiger technote that tell us that there is no known significant issues regarding compatibility for Director nor shockwave player ?cheers,séb

  3. seb says:

    By the way, shouldn’t this issue mentionned in the central tiger technote that tell us that there is no known significant issues regarding compatibility for Director nor shockwave player ?cheers,séb

  4. Emmy says:

    Technically speaking, we *are* compatible with Tiger — the 3D offset problem is with Safari and not the OS. So it was decided that we would go in the second list.As for the Dashboard Widgets, Tom has been tinkering with it and is working on a “getting started” type article for the Developer Center. There isn’t anything specific about 3D in his notes, so I have to defer that question to him. He’ll be back from vacation in two weeks.BUT, given that the Dashboard is based on the Safari browser engine … I wouldn’t count on it rendering in the right spot…:-(

  5. Lewis says:

    Hi Emmy, other affected OS X browsers would definately include Camino as well as Omniweb and Shiira. As I understand it, any Cocoa-based browser will have this problem.

  6. Rasmus Keldorff says:

    Gosh, this Safari problem has been around FOREVER. What are Apple doing with their time?BTW, are you guys aware of a similar (actually, reverse) problem in Firefox? Seemingly, the Firefox guys did their homework and shifted the 3D view back down. The only problem is, mouse clicks on SW3D objects still register X pixels (30?) ABOVE the object clicked. I can provide you with a test case if you want./rasmus

  7. JAB says:

    Hi Guys,I have talked to a few director developers here in Dublin who have installed tiger. We’ve noticed that yes the window expansion arrows don’t animate properly (macromedia admit to this) however we’ve noticed more seriously that keyboard shortcuts DO NOT WORK in tiger. This only seems to happen in director itself and not any other applications. BUT it does happen in Macromedia Director MX and MX 2004. Does anyone have a fix for this?Any help appreciated.

  8. Rasmus Keldorff says:

    JAB — this has been discovered to be a problem with some European keyboard layouts. It doesn’t fix the problem per se — but if you switch to US kbd layout, the problem goes away. Now you’ll just have to start guessing which keys will give you punctuation and special characters…. :-)/rasmus

  9. Tom Higgins says:

    The 3D offset issue can’t be seen in Dashboard Widgets at this time because in that environment you cannot utilize hardware-based rendering as OpenGL cannot be used, it’s software rendering only (and the offset doesn’t occur when using the software renderer). Yes, that limitation against using OpenGL is a bug, it’s not clear whether that’s something to fix on our end or theirs so please stay tuned for information.And to Rasmus: I don’t recall the offset bug ever appearing in Firefox, so I’m not sure why they would have “fixed” anything. I’ll do some tests to confirm/deny this and post up some information.

  10. rowo says:

    the keyboard problem arises on a Mac with Tiger and Director 10.1 in such a way that none of the keyboard shortcuts are working if you select Austrian German as actual language. The problem is solved by switching to German German.