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Safari 3D offset technote is live

The tech note about the 3D offset in Safari has been posted. FYI, the note at the bottom will be updated to read “Note: This issue does not occur in other supported Mac OS X browsers, only Safari.”

Tetra Pak for you

Tetra Pak is the world’s largest supplier of packaging systems for milk, fruit juices and drinks, and many other products.

In addition to using Shockwave for their “Milk Run Run” and “Pipe Panic” games, they have an online “Package Designer” that allows end users to create their very own carton designs! You can decorate them with your own artwork (templates are provided), then view the 3D model of your design. Designs can be submitted to the Showroom for viewing and voting.

kicking & screaming

The new Will Ferrell movie Kicking & Screaming comes out this Friday, May 13. Take a few penalty shots against Coach Weston in the 3D Penalty Shot game.

Or if you just want the screaming part – try to Escape the Boogeyman in this dark and creepy game created for the Sony movie. Also from Jetset Studios.

Holding down the fort

Firefly Studios released Stronghold 2, a Castle Sim PC game, in April. The promo site includes a Shockwave 3D minigame Castle Attack 2, where you are responsible for defending the castle with your archers, boiling oil, etc from enemy attack as the workers build it. I’m not sure how many levels there are, as I only played until level 4. Does keep high scores.

My personal favorite defense is the rolling fire logs. Watch the little charred enemy people run away from your castle in flames.