mini face-lift

We gave the Director product pages a mini-facelift, which just went live on the site. Because this is often the starting point for people looking for information about Director, we wanted to update the page with a focus on attracting new customers, encouraging upgrades, and providing a better “portal” to customers for indexing the Director-related information.

Some of the little tweaks off the top of my head (now that I don’t have the old site to compare to…):
– New links to “Xtras Extensions” and “Shockwave Player Home” in the right hand nav
– Aligned the “Why Upgrade” section to call out the features we discovered were the key drivers for upgrades through customer surveys
– Added a case study to start the Director in Action section, which will be swapped out as new ones come in
– Added a better call-out for Shockwave Player at the end


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