minor install process change, and Macromix bugfix

Last week we made a few minor tweaks to the installation process, and released an updated Macromix Xtra to fix a crashing bug. Sorry to hold the info for so long, but I was waiting for the tech note for the bugfix to go live … and am still waiting …

Installer: The final step/dialog, that asks users if they want to use the “highly recommended” auto-update notification service has been removed from the registration process. Our research shows that most people elect to leave the service on during the registration process. We felt the additional dialog could be removed, further reducing the number of dialogs in the process. The player auto-update service continues to be optional, and is on by default upon installation. As before, users who do not wish to use the service can change the setting in the player context menu.

Relevant URLs:
Tech note describing how to disable the auto-update service : http://www.macromedia.com/go/tn_16683
Information page describing the service, and Macromedia’s privacy policy : http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/productinfo/privacy/

Macromix: There was a bug in the Macromix sound device code that would cause intermittent crashes when stopping sound files using sound().stop(), and typically problems occurred when rapidly starting and stopping a number of short sounds. This issue was exposed on some older Windows systems. The Macromix Xtra was updated to properly handle latency issues and prevent crashes in these situations.

I’ll post the link to the tech note for this issue, with a link to download the updated Xtra for authoring as soon as it is available. Should be next week.

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