New Mac OSX installers posted

We recently posted a tech note to help people on Mac 10.3.x (Panther) with a problem where the 10.1 installer didn’t update the pre-installed v9 player properly.

This issue has come up more and more frequently — maybe because people are hitting new Shockwave 10 content out there — in the past few months. Basically, if you run the installer, it will appear to complete correctly. But when you view Shockwave content, the area will be blank and/or you will see a “shockwave failed to load” error dialog.

We originally had a hard time reproducing it, so the fix was unclear. Well, we’ve got it figured out now. Some Panther builds had incorrectly set the plug-in so it couldn’t be overwritten (which Apple seems to have fixed for later builds after we reported the issue, thus the mixed bag of results.) We updated the installer to use the “always overwrite the file” option so that it overwrites the existing plug-in every time.

It’s fixed now, and the right bits are on the player download center. If you have customers who have reported issues with Shockwave Player on Panther, send them to download the latest installer from

Another useful tidbit: the Mac installer is also the uninstaller. If you click on the “Easy Install” drop-down in the upper left corner, the drop-down will show the “Uninstall” option.

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  1. Dale Gillard says:

    MM also need to update their JRun updaters for Mac OS X 10.4. Stuffit Expander is not included with 10.4. So JRun’s .sit proprietary compression format is not supported until a large download is complete.In my case, I gave up; even after downloading the Stuffit package the JRun .sit file displayed an error msg part of the way thru decompression and failed. I downloaded JRun three times with the same result and decided not to worry about CF on Mac.