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performance improvements in flash player 8

Well, Tinic sort of beat me to the punch with his post last week on Garbage Collection in Flash Player 8. Which is actually great, because he gives an engineer’s perspective on one of the big reasons why performance is better in Flash Player 8, whereas I took a more high-level approach. Definitely read both for the full effect. Plus, there are sample tests and results available in the article that you can check out.

Performance improvements in Flash Player 8


This will be my first posting since I transitioned into a new role at Macromedia in Flash Player Product Management in July. While I try to figure out what is best posted here (since Mike C and crew already do a fabulous job of covering the Flash world), here are two interesting things I’ve been working on:

– Updating the Flash Player Privacy & Security Center. There is a new tabbed look, which allows us to put end-user focused information about issues they may be concerned about. There are three technotes that help users use the Settings Manager for LSOs, 3rd party LSOs, and the new local file security settings. There are also three information articles that focus on educating interested users on what these features do. Also check out the Flash Player 8 security resources in the Developers tab so you understand how the changes affect how you create content.

– Improving the Settings Manager experience. Yes, we know it is confusing and have some recent usability test data to support the effort. We are working on some short-term changes now, and planning for sweeping changes for the near future.