This will be my first posting since I transitioned into a new role at Macromedia in Flash Player Product Management in July. While I try to figure out what is best posted here (since Mike C and crew already do a fabulous job of covering the Flash world), here are two interesting things I’ve been working on:

– Updating the Flash Player Privacy & Security Center. There is a new tabbed look, which allows us to put end-user focused information about issues they may be concerned about. There are three technotes that help users use the Settings Manager for LSOs, 3rd party LSOs, and the new local file security settings. There are also three information articles that focus on educating interested users on what these features do. Also check out the Flash Player 8 security resources in the Developers tab so you understand how the changes affect how you create content.

– Improving the Settings Manager experience. Yes, we know it is confusing and have some recent usability test data to support the effort. We are working on some short-term changes now, and planning for sweeping changes for the near future.

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  1. incrue says:

    Emmy, when cames to security, what people wants is nothing of this.What people wants is a way to make their code and not have thiefs DECOMPILING ithttp://www.flashkit.com/board/showthread.php?t=651130

  2. Emmy says:

    Yes, one often heard request is that developers want a way to obfuscate code to protect their IP, and I understand why it is important. That is one perspective on what “security” means for Flash Player.The project described above addresses the end-user’s perspective on Flash Player security. Macromedia needs to make sure that people understand how Flash Player protects their privacy. It’s all part of creating a healthy ecosystem for the Flash Platform. We want to make sure end-users don’t have a reason to think that Flash Player is evil, and continue to feel safe installing and using it.To address the link you provided: In the security whitepapers, we are discussing the security model at a high-level — how Macromedia ensures that the runtime cannot be hacked or used by bad developers to do bad things with someone’s information or machine. Again, a secure runtime is an essential component for the success of the Flash Platform.For a more detailed overview of the security changes and how your content may be affected, to go http://www.macromedia.com/devnet/flash/articles/fplayer8_security.htmlSo – there are many different ways to look at security and we do consider the topic from various perspectives.

  3. tonypa says:

    Thank you, Emmy, for looking at the FlashKit link. While I do understand why you are worried about end-users and how their privacy is protected, I also hope you see why Flash developers are worried about their work being unprotected. Sadly, in the last area there has been no improvements.Please forgive me if I am wrong or if this is not covered by your role. Just that there has been very little information from Macromedia about the issue.All the best on your job 🙂