no sleep for the wicked – flash player 8.5 and new flex 2 product line

We announced some exciting developments for the Flash Platform today – Macromedia Flex 2 product line and Flash Player 8.5. With Flash Player 8.5, we are introducing ActionScript 3.0 – an object-oriented, ECMAScript compliant programming language – and a new ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM) designed to execute the new language orders of magnitude faster than the original VM. Both AVM2, the new virtual machine, and AVM1 are supported in the Player for backwards compatibility with existing and legacy content.

The other exciting news is that for the first time ever, we are making alpha versions of Flex Builder and Flash Player 8.5 available in conjunction with this year’s MAX event. If you want to sign up for early notification of when bits are available for download, you can go to:

For more detailed information about the products in today’s announcement, read the Dev Center article Introducing the Flex 2 Product Line.