Thoughts on the Flash Player 8.5 alpha?

Last week at MAX, we launched Macromedia Labs to provide early access to pre-release software and technologies. Flash Player 8.5 alpha and documentation for ActionScript 3.0 were released as part of the launch of Labs and the Flex 2 product line alpha.

Now that you’ve had a week to play around with it, I’d be interested in any impressions or feedback you have on the alpha version of Flash Player 8.5…So, how’s it working for you? 😉

Also, since we are considering posting the web player installers separate from the Flex Builder 2 alpha download, I would be interested in your thoughts on that topic, too. Mike Chambers originally opened up the question on his blog.

13 Responses to Thoughts on the Flash Player 8.5 alpha?

  1. dominick says:

    omg, its amazing. Theres so much information to digest. Thanks for your hard work!

  2. Josh says:

    Separate installers for the plugin would be great. I was able to install the Mac version, but only after downloading the EXE to my Windows machine, and copying it from there. Having access to at least the player itself would be awesome.

  3. g.wygonik says:

    so far everything runs really smooth in FP8.5a. nice and fast, and its actually quite interesting to turn on the “show redraw regions” (or whatever its called). great work. i’ve completely ignored my Studio 8 upgrade since the alpha came out! 🙂

  4. Yes i agree, flex 2 is totally excellent, i can’t wait for the final release, as its going to be so much more mainstream now, exiting times ahead!Thanks for the alpha, keep up the great work,Pete Griffiths

  5. aj says:

    Frankly speaking, I have not been really impressed by the performance FP 8.5a.It doesnt seem ground breaking in terms of performance as the claims are. Even the component rollovers eat up CPU and there is a lag. This is on early P4 machine with 256 mb ram.

  6. Xavi Beumala says:

    You’ve done an amazing work. New features will allow us to develop flash applications wich we couldn’t think about until now. Access to binary data is great! and IMHO I think performance has been improved a lot!The language is much more mature and native event support and bubling is very helpful.On the other hand I haven’t noticed any misfunctionality on flash applications for older players. It’d be great to distribute the player as an standalone package.

  7. First of all, thanks for the outstanding work, not speaking of the awesome idea to release the whole thing as public alpha. Flex Builder 2 is very stable, although a little slow in the Design View.The performance increases are enormous. And writing ActionScript 3.0 is a pleasure, indeed. I love the clean API. I’m starting to forget all those workarounds learned since Flash 4. My favorite feature is the ASProject…ThanksDaniel

  8. Paul Neave says:

    I’d also like to say that MM has done an amazing job with Flash Player 8.5, and AS3 is what we as Flash developers have been long hoping for in an OOP language.As far as releasing the player to the public, maybe it’d be worth putting a “watermark” of sorts on, or maybe on the context menu “About Macromedia Flash Player 8.5 ALPHA…” just so people are reminded it’s not meant for commercial consumption just yet.

  9. Neves says:

    AS3 is incredible! MM is going on the right way, making Flash Player a VM to run APPs. The new API is amazing, very intuitive. The performance is better then before, but not enougth :(Congratulations all!

  10. tcs says:

    Firstly, the performance gains are real. From what I’m seeing, 8.5alpha is unquestionably blowing the doors off 8, which rocks quite a bit itself. Right direction for sure, but I am a little concerned about it getting out in the wild in an alpha state. I guess a download area targeted just at developers should keep it off consumer machines, except a few hundred thousand “hey, you gotta see this” installs.

  11. Faisal Abid says:

    Amazing Job with flash player 8.5 alpha , i would give it a 10/10 for the program itself and 8/10 for the devlivery , most people are now using Flex Builder 2 and building applications and posting it on there blog , buit since people who want to view the application have to downlaod a 30mb-120mb file depending on what option they choose, many poeple are simply ignoring it and yea you know what im trying to say general people do not want to download flex 2 with flash 8.5 when they just want 8.5, so it will be great if MM makes the alpha a standalone download , other then that GREAAAT WORK MM one day im going to work for you guys so rember the name faisal abid

  12. TKO says:

    About Actionscript 3 documentation, what happened to the section onGlobal Properties?

  13. Emmy says:

    We will be adding the properties to the ActionScript 2.0 to ActionScript 3.0 migration appendix in the ActionScript 3.0 language reference to help developers find things in the new documentation. The Global Properties page does not exist in the ActionScript 3.0 Language Reference because all of the items, except for the *this* reference, are not part of the language or have been replaced by non-global properties.