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Why isn’t there a Flash Player 8 for Linux?

It’s been a question floating out there with no answer for a while now, and I actually posted a response on the Labs Forums. I’ll repost it here so more people can find it/reference it:

“Based on the short time frame between announcing Flash Player 8 and Flash Player 8.5, we decided to work on developing a Linux version for Flash Player 8.5, which will ship after the Windows and Mac versions.

We have not yet announced plans to develop a 64-bit player on Linux.”

*** Closing Comments ***
Flash Player 9 for Linux shipped in January 2007. This is a really old post. Please check recent postings for current/relevant info and updates.

Who’s using Express Install?

Just curious if you know of other sites that have started using Express Install to upgrade people to Flash Player 8. The Sony Pictures site is the only non-Adobe (formerly Macromedia) one I know about right now.

Guy Watson article on Bitmap Caching

Since the DevCenter update hasn’t hit the wire yet, I thought I’d point out Guy’s new article on bitmap caching. It’s a good read for how it works, and how to use the feature to optimize the visual performance of your content.