Flash Player December Stats available!

The highly anticipated December NPD study is now available online. This is the first study to include Flash Player 8 penetration, and it looks like auto-update and Express Install really gave us a kick start out of the gate with the study reporting 45.2% penetration three months after the release. This is 56% faster than Flash Player 6 and Flash Player 7 in the first quarters of those releases. And, based on the server stats from our hosting company, Akamai, Flash Player 8 has been downloaded over 1.4 billion times since the September launch.

Have fun presenting all of your cool Flash 8 content concepts to your clients. 😉

3 Responses to Flash Player December Stats available!

  1. Cath says:

    Are you aware of any other Flash 6/7 and Flash 8 penetration statistics aside from what Macromedia provides? We’d like to provide our clients with addtional data to support your numbers, as there have been questions on the validity of self-commissioned studies.

  2. emmy huang says:

    Hi Cath,We do receive anecdotal reports from our customers about their own penetration testing, and in this last round of testing we had at least three customers report results very close to NPDs. But we do not know of other companies that have commissioned similar studies at this time.While the study is commissioned by Adobe, the study is designed to be unbiased. The way the study data is collected is as follows: NPD sends a link to their selected sample that represents Internet Households. The “test” is a series of pages with content (Flash, Shockwave, PDF, WMV, etc) that displays if the user has the required plugin. The user is asked to select “yes” or “no” depending on whether the content can be viewed (they are asked not to install anything if prompted). The penetration number that is reported is the percent of users that can see that content.We test for the lowest version of a plugin (using reasonable judgement and the info provided by 3rd parties on system requirements). By way of example, we create a Flash 6 file, Flash 7 file and so on for the test. Users are shown a page that tries to load the v6 file. Then a v7 file. When we say Flash 6 penetration is 98%, that means that 98% of people were able to view the Flash 6 file. But that doesn’t mean they have Flash Player 6 installed, since Flash Player 8 can also view v6 content. Say the NPD study reports Flash 7 penetration as 97%. This means that the penetration of people with Flash Player 6 installed is the delta of 1%, or the 98% that can view v5 minus the 97% that can view v6.It is important to note that individual results, for example for your own website, may be very different than the results we post. The reason is that the audience for a specific website will have a particular profile, whereas the NPD study is a sample of Internet Households balanced against the census. So, unless your site is visited by a fairly representative sample of the internet population, it would be comparing apples to oranges.best,e

  3. 98% of people were able to view the Flash 6 file. But that doesn’t mean they have Flash Player 6 installed, since Flash Player 8 can also view v6 content.