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Lost in Transition

This week, I discovered that there were some backend changes as part of our transition that affected the player distribution licensing process. For anyone that submitted a request for the SWF spec or an information request through our online license forms after January 14th, your information was not lost but is currently inaccessible because it landed in a different queue.

We are working to resolve this asap, and we apologize for these delays and any inconvenience.

Flex 2.0 Beta available … now with separate Flash Player 8.5 installer download

When we initially launched Labs and the Flex 2.0 alpha, a good bit of the not-as-positive feedback about the release centered on the fact that the player could only be installed if you downloaded the entire tool package. With the Beta release, you can now download and install Flash Player 8.5 alpha 3 separately … and then go check out the sample apps in the showcase gallery.